Brothers And Sisters Take It To The Limit



Summer looked down at the hot tub from her room and saw her younger brother Adam sitting alone in the bubbles. She had just returned from college last week and had not really spent that much time with him so since their parents were out she quickly put on her white bikini and headed down to join him.

Adam was leaning back in sensual thought about the foreplay session he had with his girlfriend Tess last night. He had finally got to third base with her and may have gone further except her twin brother was in the house. Now as he slowly stroked his six- inch manhood he remembered how his first touch of a girl’s pussy felt like.

“Got any room for me?” Summer asked as she exited the sliding glass patio door.

Adam jerked his hand away from his hard-on and quickly sat up looking like he was caught with hand in the cookie jar. “Shit you scared me. I’m not use to you being around.” His eyes captured the fullness of her breasts and the flat abs above her tiny white bikini panties.

“Sorry,” she grinned. “Just pretend I’m not around for the next six weeks.” She sat down on the edge putting her feet into the water. “It feels really hot.” She was surprised that his upper body was really developed since the last time she saw him without a shirt on.

“That’s why they call it a hot tub,” he laughed. His eyes focused on the tiny triangular white patch between her slightly opened thighs. He thought he could see the indentation of her pussy lips but wasn’t sure. It prevented his cock from going down.

“Smart ass,” she said as her butt slipped forward and her body slithered into the steamy bubbles. “That feels so good.”

The hot tub was not that big so when she leaned back onto the underwater seat her feet moved forward and brushed against his. She smiled when he jerked his feet back. “So when am I going to meet Tess?”

“I was going to invite her over tonight but she had a family thing to do,” he answered.

Summer had always teased him in the past about his girlfriends. “So, how far have you gotten with her?”

His eyes opened wide. “I can’t believe that you asked me that.”

She grinned. “Second base?”

He grinned back. “Maybe. How far have you gone with Jack?”

Summer moved over until the underwater jets splashed into her opened crotch. “You tell me first.” She didn’t believe that he would do it.

“Second base for me and third base for her last night for the first time,” he said proudly.

“Really so that means you have not made a home run yet. My baby brother is still a virgin.”

“For now,” he smiled. “Your turn.”

“I’ve been around the bases a few times with Jack,” she answered.

“Blow jobs too?”

“ADAM!” She gasped loudly. “I can’t believe you asked me that.”


“You know I’m not a chicken. Ok I’ll tell you. He wants me to do it but I haven’t taken that step yet. Have you with Tess?”

“No, she has just touched me.”

“Oh you poor baby. You still have to take care of it by yourself.” She was getting hot and moved up to sit on the edge again. She saw his eyes looking intensely at her breasts and glanced down to see her nipples pushing outward. “Is that what you were doing when I came out?”

“You are not going to embarrass me like you always try to do,” he grinned. “I’m eighteen now.”

“Well were you jerking off?” She looked directly into his eyes.

He looked back without blinking. “Yes.”

“That’s cool,” she said slightly embarrassed. She leaned back on her hands which pushed her breasts outward.

Neither said anything as he knew now that the indentation was definitely the shape of her pussy lips.

“I guess I’ll be doing the same since Jack is away for the summer,” she said with her eyes closed. She waited a few seconds for his reply but it didn’t come. She peeked out and saw his body leaning back again and his eyes closed. Her eyes opened wide when she saw his right shoulder and arm moving slightly. “Oh my god, are you doing it now?”

He didn’t open his eyes. “Yes.”

“Adam, are you crazy? You shouldn’t do it while I’m here.” She had never seen Jack masturbate so this was a new and exciting thing for her.

“Chicken.” It was something they had said to each other since infants. Most of the time it meant that they would not back down. “Are you afraid to do it too?”

“You’re sick,” she said feeling light headed and excited. She watched his arm moving and wondered how big he was. She started to turn and climb out of the hot tub until he spoke.


She turned and glared. “I’m not chicken. It just something that brother and sister do not do in front of each other.”

“Whatever. You are a chicken so just accept it.”

Summer took a deep breath and turned down into the water. She looked into his eyes and reached her right hand down over her navel to the top of her bikini. She stuck out her tongue as her middle finger snaked under the top of the white triangle and then into her damp pubic mound. “I’m not chicken.”

Adam sat up and tried to look into the water but the bubbles prevented him from making out anything in detail. He had peeked at his sister growing up and now here she was sitting across from him masturbating.

Summer rubbed over her raised clitty and was surprised to feel it as big and ready as ever before. She knew that they could not see each other but just knowing what they were doing under the water was enough to turn them both completely on. “Oh,” she moaned.

Adam heard the moan and wondered how far he could get her to go. “Let’s see how brave you really are,” he said as he lifted his hips and pushed down his baggy dark blue swim trunks.

Again she was shocked. “I’m not taking off my bikini bottoms.” She glanced into the water and could actually see the darkness of his pubic hair and the shape of his long pink hard-on. He looked enormous.

They settled back down into the self gratification until he spoke again. “Chicken.”

“Mom and dad might come home early,” she said needing an excuse. She could now see his hand around his cock moving up and down.

“They drove out to Aunt Nancy’s house. They called before saying they had started dinner. It is at least an hour drive back. Chicken.”

She knew that she should climb out of the hot tub but this was about the most exciting and nasty thing she had ever done. “Well I guess since the bubbles are on you really can’t see anything.” She grabbed onto the waistband on the bottoms and pushed downward.

Adam again sat up hoping to see something in the quivering waves. He managed to trace the white triangle downward until she brought them up to the surface and then tossed them on the edge next to her. His eyes strained to see her pussy but all he could make out was a small dark shadow moving around.

“Don’t hurt your eyes,” she teased. They both leaned back and again started touching their privates. Both where totally turned on now and both had to slow down to prevent cuming first.

Adam stopped stoking. “You know I’m naked so you should be too.”

Summer knew that he would call her chicken so she leaned further down into the water and reached behind her to release and then remove her bikini top. She pulled it away and looked down at her hard cherry nipples that stood up proudly just beneath the surface. She knew that he could see them easily. “I’m not as chicken as you think I am.”

“Damn,” he said seeing them in naked. He never really knew how big she was. He started stroking his meat again and smiled as she did the same to her clitty.

Both were breathing deep and rapidly as they approached their climax. “Are you about…… cum?” He whispered.

“Yes,” she replied. She was about to start her finish stroke when the bubbles suddenly stopped. Their hands and fingers froze as they stared down at the visible privates of their sibling. “Oh my god.” He was a lot bigger than she had first thought and knew that he was at least three inches longer than Jack.

“Move your hand,” he said hoping to see her pussy.

“No,” she giggled. Now her breasts were fully on display so she sat up a bit and both surfaced.

“Your titties are amazing.”

“I can tell that you like them,” she smiled as he moved his hand away and his cock stood up proudly. “So are we going to finish?”

“Move your hand first.”

Summer looked down at her hand as it moved away from her neatly trimmed bush and pussy lips which were open and puffy. “Well?”

Adam grinned, grabbed onto his cock and stroked. He watched her middle finger dive into her opened gash and rubbed. “OH GOD ADAM.”

“I know…… too,” he said really to fire out his torpedoes.

“I’m going to…I’m going to CUM!” Summer cried as her body exploded into tiny pieces. Her other hand and fingers joined to help. “NOW!”

“ME TOO!” Adam yelled.

Their eyes closed at the zenith and stayed that way until they landed back on Earth.

Summer didn’t say anything as she grabbed her bikini and put it back on while underwater. “This was a one time only thing.” She didn’t look at him as she climbed out of the hot tub. She moved to her bedroom and closed the door. A few minutes later she heard him do the same.


Summer stayed in her room that night and didn’t eat supper. After his parents went to bed Adam tapped on her door. She opened it and let him in.

“Are you mad at me?” Adam asked noting that she was wearing a thin cotton night shirt.

“No, I’m mad at myself,” she said moving over and sitting on the bed. “I’m older and I should have known better.”

He sat next to her in his nylon basketball shorts and tee shirt. “We didn’t do anything really bad. I thought it was cool.”

She turned and pushed him to the side and jumped onto him. “Jerking off in front of my baby brother is not considered cool.”

Adam laughed and was about to turn and push her back but then felt the softness of her braless breasts and the hard tips of her nipples pressing into his shoulder and back. “Did you like what you saw?”

“No,” she lied. “I could barely see it.”

“I could see everything,” he chuckled before turning around and pushing her onto her back.

“Did you like what you saw?” She halfway teased and halfway wanted to know.

“Kinda,” he lied. “I mean you are really not that big.” He looked at the fullness of her breasts under the tight cotton night shirt.

“Liar. I bet that I’m bigger than your little girlfriend.”

“There is one way to prove it,” he grinned looking at her covered mounds.

“Oh no, I’m not going to take off my night shirt.” She looked at his lap and saw the huge tent.

“So am I bigger than Jack?” He put his bare hands on narrow of her waist.

“I…couldn’t…tell.” Warning bells were going off again. “I think you should leave.”

“Show me your breasts first.”



“Chicken? I’m not chicken because I have already showed you.” She stuck out her tongue again like she had so many times before while they were growing up. “You’re the one that’s chicken.”

“I’m not chicken,” he said seriously. “Be careful what you ask for.”

She looked at the closed bedroom door and whispered, “Chicken.”

Adam moved off the bed and stood next to it while she lay back. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. Her eyes followed the waistband of his shorts as they moved down over the tent. Since he was not wearing underwear his cock head sprang outward with freedom at last. “Oh my God.”

Adam grinned and let her take it in before pulling his shorts back up. “You asked for it.

“Please go,” she said knowing that her fingers wanted to reach out and touch it.

He smiled and left the room. Neither of them got any sleep that night.


Summer overslept the next morning and awoke when she heard a car door closing outside. She peeked out to watch her mother drive away. Since her father was at work she knew that she would be alone with Adam. After seeing his hard penis last night she knew that it was time to stop this madness. She pulled on a robe and headed downstairs and found him sitting at the table eating cereal.

“Captain Crunch. Are you still eating Captain Crunch?”

“Yes, I like it so why change?” He said hoping that she was not upset with him about last night. He did notice the robe. “So are you cold this morning?”

She didn’t look back as she took the milk from the refrigerator. “Yes. And it may get even colder.” She grabbed a bowl and spoon and sat next to him. She grabbed the cereal box but so did he. “Hey give me some.”

“You made fun of it so now you are not going to get it.” He jerked it out of her hands and hugged it down into his body.

Summer laughed and reached down to pull the box out. She managed to get a hold of the bottom corner and pull but then he jerked it and her hand downward onto the top of his covered cock. They both froze upon contact. “Let me have it or else.”

“Or else what?” He whispered feeling her knuckled pushing into his growing erection.

“Or else I’m going to…….”

“What Summer? Are you going to grab my cock?”

She moved her hand until it pushed against the swollen crown. “Maybe.”

“You’re chicken.”

She wanted to do it but held back until she heard the key word. Her fingers moved away from the box, turned over and reached down into his crotch. “You shouldn’t call me chicken.” She curled her fingers around it through the thin nylon and realized that she wasn’t close getting her fingers around it. “Satisfied?”

“No but why don’t you make me satisfied,” he whispered putting his hand around her waist until it rested at the top of her hips. “Or are you chicken?”

Summers fingers moved methodically away from his shaft to the top of his shorts. She leaned over to pull out the waistband with her left hand while she aimed her right fingers down into the thick bush and around the pink penis. “I’ll bet you can’t last a minute.”

“You’re on,” Adam grinned feeling fingers on his cock for the first time that wasn’t his. He leaned back on the chair and pushed down his shorts to give her room.

Summer dropped down onto her knees and opened her hands to spit in them. She rubbed around the saliva and took a hold of his sex. They both looked up at the large kitchen clock on the wall and when she second hand hit twelve she started stroking like Jack had taught her to do so nicely. “Ummm…nice and hard. I can feel the cum about to come out.”

Adam knew that he wasn’t going to last but didn’t care. He was about to explode at the thirty second mark when they heard someone tapping on the back door. He looked up and saw Tess’s face looking in. “Oh shit Tess is here.” He tried to pull Summer’s fingers off but she held on tightly.

He forced a smile and waved at his girlfriend as his sister’s fingers worked their magic.

“Will you let me in?” Tess said loudly.

“Oh God I’m cuming,” Adam grunted. He looked down to see his cum shooting upward making a mess when Summer quickly lowered her other hand. He felt her palm engulf the tip and then his cum fill her cupped fingers. “Oh shit,” he said trying to give his girlfriend the impression that nothing was going on.

Summer jerked him dry and wiped her fingers on her robe before turning and crawling out of the kitchen into the hallway. He heard her laughing as she ran up the stairs. A few seconds later after putting his cock away he unlocked the back door.

“What was that?” Tess asked red-faced. “Why didn’t you let me in?”

He could only think of one thing that she might believe. “I farted.”

Her anger suddenly turned to laughter. “You farted and didn’t want me to smell it.” She took a big whiff and moved down onto his lap. “So are we alone?” She wiggled her cute round butt on his small lump.

“ my sister Summer is upstairs,” he said wondering what was going on in his life. For eighteen years he had little to no sexual action and now was on overtime. “I can go and tell her not to come downstairs.”

“She…she won’t care?”

“Na. She is cool.”

“OK, I’ll wait for you on the sofa.”


Summer had removed her robe and was pulling off her night shirt when she heard the tapping on her door. “Did you run her off already?” She pulled the door open and stood proudly in only her panties.

“God, I could easily get used to this.” His hand moved up to cup her tit but she pushed it away. “OK, Tess is downstairs and we want some private time alone.”

“So you can get to third base?” Summer teased. “What if I get jealous?” She pulled out the top of her panties and showed him her light brown bush and pink lips below.

“Jesus,” he groaned feeling his shorts about to swell. “Warn me before you do that.”

“Pussy shot,” she giggled as she did it again. “Ok go and have your fun with your little girl.” She stepped back and closed the door.

Adam stood erect wondering if he should run Tess off because he was getting more action with his sister.

“Adam!” Tess yelled from below. “Are you coming back down?”

“Yes,” he said trying to calm down his boner. Finally when it shrunk enough not to be obvious he headed down and found her sitting on the sofa. “She won’t come down.” He moved next to her and pulled her lips to his. They started frenching but then he felt the chewing gum under her tongue. “Gum again.”

“Sorry,” she giggled and pulled it out and put it on the end table behind her. As she leaned over to do it he moved up behind her and reached around to cup her small but very firm breasts.

“Hey,” she giggled again. But she didn’t move as he found the hard tiny tips and toyed with them.

Adam moved his lips to the nape of her neck and then to her ear lobe. As he fondled her breast with his right hand his left hand unbuttoned the three buttons on her polo shirt and then moved under it to the edge of her bra. He completely cupped the covered mound as his thumb hooked the cup and pulled downward.

Tess had let him touch her breasts but today would be the first day he could feel her bare titties free from the bra. As he tried to get the cup off her mound she reached up and released the front clasp. The cup moved quickly away and for the first time a boy was caressing her virgin orbs. Her head leaned back against his shoulder while he moved from breast to breast and nipple to nipple. His lips on her neck were quickly causing her panties to get damp.

Adam could hear her breathing getting labored and moved back to let the front of her body face him. As he continued touching her breasts with his right hand his left hand lifted the shirt upward until her left breast appeared. Before she could object his lips found the hard little bud and suckled.

“Ohhh,” she moaned not expecting this to happen this fast. Her hands reached up to pull his lips away but when they touched his head they held it in place.


Summer waited about ten minutes before she pulled on her robe and tiptoed into the hallway and quietly down the stairs. She heard the girl moaning and peeked around the doorway in time to see him pull her shirt up over the tiny titties.

“You go Adam,” she thought when his lips captured the girl’s nipple. “Maybe third base is around the corner.”

Although Tess was as turned on as ever before, her internal bells rang when his hand moved to the snap on her jeans and opened it. She tried to keep it together but once it opened she caught his fingers as they tried to get under her tiny pink laced thong. “Adam no.”

“Jesus Tess. You touched me the other night. I thought that…”

“Not yet,” she said as she pulled his mouth back to her tits. She knew that they would be leaving for college and possibly not see each other seriously again. But Adam pulled away which surprised her.

“Don’t be mad.” Her hand moved down and found his covered hard-on. “I’ll jerk you off if you want.”

Summer remembered the dates she had before meeting Jack and the many times she teased boys like her brother. She wouldn’t let them into her panties but she didn’t mind jerking them off. But this was her brother who she loved. She watched him thinking about it and then surprised them all. She coughed and walked into the room.

Tess’s hand was rubbing over Adam’s cock when she heard the cough. Her fingers jerked back like they had touched fire. She forgot that her shirt was up over her bare breasts and sat there looking at the older girl.

“Jesus Summer,” Adam said also shocked. “You said you were staying upstairs.” He dropped his arm across his hard-on to show Tess that he was embarrassed.

“I was bored,” she said looking at the girls little titties and nipples. “Are you cold?”

“Oh God,” Tess cried before jerking her shirt down over her hard nipples.

Adam was totally angry. “We are going up to my room.” He took her hand but she didn’t move.

“I…uh…think I should leave.”

“Figures,” Summer grinned. “How old are you? You look like you are fourteen.”

“I’m old enough,” Tess snared at her.

“I think that she is jailbait and from what I saw a big tease.”

“Summer,” Adam said getting pissed.

“I’m eighteen,” Tess added quickly. “And, I’m not a tease.”

“We call your kind a prick teaser,” Summer laughed. “I bet you get your jollies from just getting boys hard.”

“Maybe we were going to do more before you interrupted us,” Tess said wanting to show this girl that she was not a tease.

“Right. Like when Adam was reaching down into your panties and you stopped him.”

“Summer,” Adam growled. “I think that’s enough.”

“I was going to let him touch me,” she lied.

“Prove it,” Summer grinned.

“What? Now, with you watching.” Tess gasped.

“Are you afraid little girl? Are you chicken?”

Adam finally realized what his sister was trying to do.

“So what if she is afraid,” Adam said seriously.

“I’m…I’m not….afraid,” Tess said reaching over for his hand. All eyes were on their hands as she guided his over to her bare stomach above her jeans and then pushed his thick fingers under the pink silk.

“Shit she did it,” Summer thought as she watched the shape of her brother’s fingers moving down under the pink undies. She knew when he touched her pussy because Tess gasped.

“Oh God.” Tess tried to pull the hand and fingers away but he was too strong and she suddenly became weaker. “Please.”

Adam knew about the clitoris and quickly discovered it because she lifted up to make more contact. “God it so wet.”

Tess didn’t want him to stop touching her but she was uneasy with Summer watching. “Ok, he’s touching me. You can leave now.”

Adam played with her little pleasure button and kissed her neck. “Ignore her.”

“But……” Tess complained before stopping as he grabbed a hold of her jeans and leaned down to push them over her panties. “Adam…not my pants.”

“Little baby doesn’t want her pants off,” Summer grinned.

Tess was upset and determined to show this older girl that she was not a baby and a tease. She looked over at Summer and smiled as Adam pulled the jeans down over her knees and off her feet.

Tess grabbed her shirt when Adam lifted it but let it go figuring that Summer would make a comment. Her bra easily slipped off her arms and she was now only wearing panties in front of her boyfriend and his sister. “Satisfied?”

“No, you are still teasing,” Summer smiled. “Take off the panties.”

Adam reached for them but Summer spoke. “If she is so brave let her do it.”

Tess had never been naked in front of a boy before and only naked in front of girls in the gym showers while facing away from them. Her tiny fingers were trembling as she pinched the thong waistband and pushed downward.

Their eyes followed the pink rolled up strip of undies down over her dark thick but trimmed bush. It pulled away from her very damp pussy lips and rolled down over the creamy tender thighs. She kept her legs together as well as possible until the panties pulled off her feet. “I guess I’m not the baby you said I was.”

“Maybe. But so far all you have done was undress.” Summer looked at Adam. “Open her legs and touch her pussy.”

Adam looked at his girlfriend. “Tess it’s ok if you want to get dressed and stop this.”

For the first time young Tess was extremely turned on and very curious. She answered him by slowly opening her legs.

Adam’s eyes got big when her dark forest opened showing her pink outer lips and then the glistening smaller set of lips inside. When her legs were open as far as she could get them she moved her head back on the small pillow and closed her eyes. “Go ahead.”

Adam looked over at his sister and smiled before he mimed “Thank you” without making a sound. He turned and leaned forward to get closer to Tess’s pussy. He somehow managed to take his time rubbing up her thighs until his fingers met at her bush. She moaned when the fingers from both sides met in her opened slit and then again when he found her ready and waiting clitoris.

Tess was past the point of being embarrassed as her naked body rolled on the sofa. For the first time she was building towards an orgasm and didn’t want to stop. It felt good what Adam was doing but he was fumbling and not getting her to where she wanted to be. “Please.”

Adam glanced over at his sister for help and shrugged his shoulders. She saw her smiled before standing and walking over to the sofa. “Move back.”

Tess heard the sister’s voice and panicked when she moved into her boyfriend’s place. She started to close her thighs but Adam pushed them back open again and moved Summer’s experienced fingers up into the young girl’s sexual need.

“Ohhh,” Tess moaned as knowing fingers quickly brought her up to cuming for the first time. “It feels so…… tingly…please don’t stop.”

Adam leaned to the side and watched his sister bringing off his girlfriend. He wasn’t jealous because never in his wildest sex dreams did he imagine that he would see two girls having sex. He reached into his shorts and was stroking himself when he heard Tess scream even louder. He turned and saw Summer’s head between her legs and the long wet tongue licking up and down the hairy pussy.

Summer had only done this once to her first college room mate but she had learned from watching Jack about what to do. She sucked the girl’s small but swollen clitty into her lips and flicked back and forth with her tongue.

“OH YES SUCK MY PUSSY!” the normally conservative Tess commanded. She pulled the girl’s head closer and was almost there when Summer pulled away. “No please come back.”

Summer moved back and smiled at her brother. “She wants you to fuck her.”

Adam heard the words and looked at Tess who smiled and held out her hands to him. “Do you?”

“Yes hurry I want it. I want everything,” Tess giggled.

Summer watched her brother undress and take the missionary position. “Go very slow until she tells you otherwise.”

Summer didn’t want to take away her brother’s first attempt at intercourse. She remembered that her first time was not that great but it still was hers to cherish.


Adam let her set the pace and soon he felt the warmth and tightness surrounding his hot shaft. “Oh God……”

Summer moved to Tess and whispered. “Are you protected?”

“Yes,” the girl said.

“Fill her up,” Summer whispered to her bro.

“OH……..OH……OH…..OH…OH…OH..OH..OH!” Tess moaned each time he hit bottom.

“I’M CUMING TESS!” Adam warned. Her hands held onto his bare ass when his cannon discharged inside a woman’s pussy for the first time.

“I FEEL IT!” Tess cried out smiling. “I FEEL YOUR CUM!”

Adam did his best to keep pumping her and it paid off greatly.


Summer smiled and pulled her robe closed. If things went this well all summer she might not be as frustrated as she thought.


Summer had fallen asleep after returning to her room and when she awoke she noticed that it was getting dark. She quickly dressed and went downstairs to find her parents, Adam and Tess playing cards.

“Hi honey,” her mother Ann said. “Did you meet Tess?”

Summer smiled. “Yes, I got to know her quite well before.”

Tess looked up and smiled. “My parents are going away for the weekend and your parents told me that I could stay here. But, I will have to share your bed. I hope that’s ok.”

Summer sat down. “Sure, I’m used to a room mate. And maybe we can really get to know each other.” She glanced at Adam and saw his concerned look. “What are you playing?”

“Hearts,” Adam answered. “Are you chicken to play?”

“Me chicken?” She laughed. “You know there is nothing you can say to make me chicken.”

“I bet I can think of something,” he grinned.


After dinner Tess got her overnight stuff from the car and carried it up to the room she was sharing with Summer. She walked in and saw Adam sitting on the bed. “Where is your sister?”

“Taking a shower,” he answered. He pulled her next to him and they kissed. “Are you still sore?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “You are really big.”

“So I guess tonight is off.”

“Definitely off,” Tess answered.

“I’m not sure about you sleeping with Summer,” he whispered. “After what she did to you downstairs I might have to be worried.”

“You just want to watch,” she giggled.

He moved back and looked at her. “Are you…and her…going to…you know?”

“Maybe. I haven’t really discussed it with her.” They heard the shower turn off and a minute later saw the bathroom door open up. Summer stuck her head out.

“Please close the door.”

Adam did as she said not sure why until he turned and saw his sister walk out of the bathroom totally naked. “Holy shit.”

“GOD!” Tess cried out. “You’re naked in front of your own brother.”

Summer smiled. “He’s seen me naked and I’ve seen him. It’s not a big deal.”

“Oh God I could never be naked in front of my brother.”

“Do you have a older brother?” Summer asked as she moved to the dresser to pull out a clean pair of white bikini panties.

“No, he’s my twin,” Tess answered. She was enjoying looking at the nice formed breasts of the girl wondering if she would get a chance later to touch and kiss them.

Summer looked at Adam. “Twin. You didn’t tell me that she has a old brother.”

“He gets the house to himself,” Tess said as she leaned back on the bed and watched Summer pull on a night shirt. “I guess I should get ready for bed too.” She looked at Adam.

“What you want me to leave?”

“Yes Adam. Now go to your room and rest because I think you are going to have a busy weekend.”


Both girls took his arms and led him out of the room. After the door closed Summer turned to Tess. “Now come to bed and tell me all about your brother. What is his name?”

“Jess,” she said as she removed her shirt and jeans. “But, I should take a shower first.”

“Good idea. I’m come in with you and you can tell me about Jess.”

“But you just had a shower,” Tess grinned. She removed her bra and let Summer remove her panties.

“Oh I’m clean but now I get to wash you.”

Tess followed the older girl into the bathroom and waited until Summer got the water temperature correct. She helped Summer remove her night shirt and then the panties before they stepped into the small confined space. Summer’s larger breasts pushed into Tess’s as their faces drew nearer and nearer. Their eyes closed when their lips touched and their tongues raced out for a new experience.

Water dripped from their faces down onto their breasts which were crushed together. Their hands explored and caressed each others backs and asses while their tongues danced together. Summer snaked her fingers between their stomachs and rubbed over the young girl’s pussy. “Are you still sore?”

“Just on…the inside,” Tess moaned. As Summer toyed with her clitty she reached down and touched another girl’s pussy for the first time. Both were about to cum when Summer pulled the fingers away and turned off the water. “Let’s dry off and do this right.”

They giggled as they took turns drying each other and then dashed step for step into the bedroom and under the sheet. Summer pushed the younger smaller girl onto her back and moved between her opened legs. Their titties rubbed as they frenched and touched over every inch of their bodies. Summer started kissing down Tess’s body but the girl stopped her. “Let me do you.”

“Sure,” Summer smiled. After moving over onto her back she guided Tess’s lips down over her navel until her face hover over her moist pussy. “I really need to cum.”

“I’ll try,” Tess giggled. Her tongue moved downward and when it touched the moist clit she closed her eyes and moved lower.

Summer had to grab the pillow next to her to prevent from screaming out loud. The girl was a quick learner and had her ready to cum in less than two minutes. “Tess….Tess.”

Tess heard her name and looked up while keeping her tongue on the target. She knew her boyfriend’s sister was ready and licked faster and faster. She felt Summer’s hips rise upward and then the girl’s body shaking.

Five minutes later Summer landed back on Earth and turned to hug Tess into her. “That was great.”

“Does this make us lesbians?” Tess innocently asked.

“I don’t know about you but I still enjoy a hard cock.”

“Me too,” Tess giggled. She leaned over and sucked on Summer’s closest nipple. But Summer pulled her lips away. “Tell me about your brother. What’s his name?”

“Jess,” Tess answered.

“Cute..Tess and Jess. Does he have a girlfriend?”

“No why?”

“I thought that maybe we could bring him into our chicken family.”

“Oh God I could never…you know…with him.”

“I’m not saying for us to fuck our brothers but messing around is a lot of fun.”

Tess moved her face up. “Have you and Adam…messed around?”

“Not much. We masturbated in front of each other in the hot tub. Nothing else.” She didn’t want to tell her about jerking him off just yet.

“Oh god I don’t know. What if he gets mad and tells our parents?”

“He’s a guy remember? We can play it slow and if he looks like he doesn’t want to do anything we will just stop. Have you ever played truth or dare?”

“Once but it was at an all girl’s slumber party.”

“Why you little slut. You have messed around with girls before haven’t you?”

“Some,” she giggled as she toyed with Summer’s wet slit. “Ok, I’ll try it with Jess but if it gets too weird we have to stop.”


It was hard on Adam that night knowing this sister and girlfriend were probably having sex in the bedroom next to his. He managed to stay away in anticipation of what was to come. When he walked down to breakfast the next morning he stopped in the doorway to see Tess and Summer sitting at the table wearing only tee shirts and panties. “Jesus, I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

“Sit down,” Summer laughed. “Mom said that she will be back around noon.”

Adam moved over to Tess and reached over her shoulders to cup her soft tits.

“Stop,” Tess said pulling them away. “My nipples are sore.”

“Sore,” he repeated looking over at Summer. “You made my girlfriend’s nipples sore?”

“Hey she made mine sore too,” Summer laughed. She reached up and rubbed over the hard buds pushing out her shirt.

“You guys are killing me,” Adam moaned. “How about the two of you making me sore?” He pushed out his hard bulge.

“Save it because we are going over to Tess’s house later.”

“Isn’t Jess home?”

“Yes, but Summer wants to meet him,” Tess grinned.

“Oh god, don’t tell me…”

“We just want to play a few games,” Summer smiled.


Jess was on his computer checking out Literotica for new stories when he heard his sister’s voice at his door. Luckily he locked it because he was sitting in his boxers with a full boner. “What?”

“Open up because I have to ask you something.”

“Give me a minute,” he said minimizing the screen. He hurried into his closet and pulled on a thick dark blue terry-cloth robe. He opened the door. “I thought you were staying at Adam’s house?”

“I am but his parents are home,” she grinned seeing his bare chest under the robe and his computer on. “Where you jacking off?”

Jess couldn’t believe his sister could ask him such a thing. “No,” he lied. “And even if I was it’s not your business.”

She walked in and looked at his screen. “What is Literotica?”

“Never mind,” he said moving over between her and the computer. “Why don’t you go back to Adam?”

“I would but he is downstairs with his sister Summer. She wants to meet you.”

“Meet me,” his eyes lit up. “How old is she?”

“I’m not sure but she is in college.” She turned to walk out and bumped against his semi-hard on. “Don’t come down like that.”

“God,” Jess said after she closed the door. To make matters worse he had just finished reading a Literotica Story by Slickman entitled “Step Siblings”.


“He’s coming down,” Tess grinned as she sat between Adam and Summer on the large leather sofa in the den. “I think he was jerking off.”

“I hope he didn’t finish,” Summer grinned.

“You know he might just tell you two to get lost,” Adam said knowing Jess from a few classes they had together.

“We’ll see,” Summer grinned.

They heard his footstep coming down the stairs and turned to see him standing in jeans and a tee shirt. “Hi Adam.” Jess focused on Summer. “Is this your sister?”

“Hi, I’m Summer,” she said standing and holding out her hand. She was happy that Jess was also blonde and nice looking.

“So what’s up?” Jess asked as he sat in the chair across from the three of them.

Tess answered. “Their parents are home and we wanted to have some booze and maybe some weed.”

“Weed, shit Tess our parents will kill us if they smell it in here.”

“We can have a few on the patio,” she smiled.

“Where did you get weed?” Jess looked nervous.

“I have some,” Summer answered. “I had some left over from a sorority party.” She pulled the bag out with some paper. “Have you ever tried it?”

“We did once,” Tess answered for her brother. “The night you skinny dipped in David’s pool.”

“I was wearing my boxers,” Jess quickly answered. It looked as if Summer was not wearing a bra.

“That’s cool,” Summer said. “Let’s go and burn what I have and then have some fun.” The four stood and walked outside. Tess grabbed a lighter that her father used to light the grill on the way out.

They passed the MJ around for almost an hour while they all got to know each other better. After 60 minutes all four were feeling loose and giddy. “Well, that’s it,” Summer said taking the last draw and almost burning her fingers. She tossed it on the ground, stepped on it and picked it up. “We can flush down the evidence.”

The four moved inside and grabbed some beer and wine. It was dark as they sat around on the floor in front of the fireplace. Tess moved up next to Adam and leaned back. “Summer has a game for us to play.”

“A game,” Jess repeated. “I like games.” The room was starting to spin a little as he lay on his back looking up at the ceiling fan going around and around.

“Have you ever played truth or dare?” Summer asked.

Jess sat up because he had read a few hot stories about truth or dare games. “No, but I’d like to.”

“Good,” Summer said. She reached over and picked up Jess’s empty beer bottle and finished the little amount inside. “So I spin the bottle and whoever it points to must choose between truth or dare.” She spun it around and around until it pointed to Tess.

Tess wasn’t ready for a dare. “Truth.”

“Let’s see,” Summer said looking upward. “OK, how many girls have you French kissed?”

Jess looked at his conservative sister. “I’d say none.”

She stuck out her tongue. “Wrong. The answer is….five.”

“You liar,” Jess laughed. “Who were they?”

“That’s another question,” Summer said handing the bottle to Tess. “Your turn to spin.”

Tess twisted and released the bottle which pointed to Summer.

“Dare,” Summer said confidently. She wanted to get the party started.

Tess grinned. “I dare you to……to…..kiss Jess for a minute.”

Jess looked to see if the cute older girl would do it and saw her smile and crawl his way. She pushed him down on his back and looked at Tess. “Start the timer.”

Jess was shocked when her lips pressed into his and her tongue parted his lips. He quickly met her tongue with his and for 60 seconds they explored and teased. By the time Tess said a minute was up his cock was fully expanded. None of them missed it.

Jess spun the bottle and it pointed to his sister. “Truth or dare?”

Tess grinned. “Dare.”

“Well I think that you were lying before so I dare you to french kiss Summer.”

Adam sat back grinning as the two females met in the middle of the floor and turned their heads to line up their lips. “For how long?” Tess asked.

Jess was shocked. “Uhhh…a minute I guess.”

“Go,” Adam said looking at his watch.

Summer’s mouth was open when Tess’s tongue dashed into it. They made sure that Jess could see the tongue action and the lips biting. Even Adam had a hard-on when they were finished.

Tess moved away when Adam called time. She picked up the bottle and spun. It moved around and pointed to her. “Can I dare myself?”

“No,” Jess answered. The game was better than he had planned. He watched his sister spin the bottle and point at Adam.


Tess thought that she would see how far Jess might go. “What happens if someone refuses a dare?” She looked at Summer.

“Well they have to take something off,” Summer replied.

“You’re joking right?” Jess said smiling. “I mean we are not going to strip in front of our brother or sister.”

“Are you chicken?” Tess smiled. “Is the little boy scared?”

He started sweating. “No, it’s not that I’m scared but shit you are my sister.”

“Chicken,” Tess glared.

“Ok fine then. We will see who is chicken.”

“Fine. I dare Adam to remove his shirt.”

“Easy,” Adam grinned. He pulled the tee shirt off showing his nice and tanned muscular chest. Adam rolled the bottle and it pointed to Tess.

“The shirt.”

Tess’s fingers trembled as she lifted the tee shirt up over her black bra. She didn’t look at her brother as she laid the shirt on the sofa behind her. She spun the bottle and it pointed to Jess. “Let see how chicken you are.”

It scared him. “Truth.”

“Shit,” Tess thought. “Ok were you jerking off when I knocked on your door before?”

“Jesus Tess,” Jess said nervously. “I’m not going to answer that.”

“Take something off,” Summer grinned.

“I will,” Adam said pulling off his shirt. He was not as muscular as Adam but had a nice build. He spun the bottle.

Summer smiled when it pointed at her. “Dare.”

“Dare,” Jess grinned. “I dare you to remove your jeans.”

“But I only removed my top,” Tess complained.

“That’s fine,” Summer said as she stood up proudly and opened the snap. They all looked at the pink flesh as she pushed down the zipper until they saw the white lace panties. Her fingers found the waistband and pushed the jeans down over her hips. As the tight jeans moved down so did the panties. The top of her pubic hair popped out as she removed the jeans. She slowly pulled the panties back up and sat down.

“Wow,” Jess grinned. He wished that Adam and Tess would leave for a while. “Maybe we should split up.”

Tess now wanted to see what her brother had hidden from her all those years. “Getting chicken again?”

“No,” he answered. Summer spun the bottle and it pointed to Adam.


“Ok brother, I dare you to fondle Tess’s boobs for a minute.”

Jess didn’t say anything as Adam moved behind his sister and reached up under her arms until he cupped her bra covered titties. He had seen glimpses of them a few times but never like this. His cock was stretching out his pants as Adam pulled on the small tips.

Time stood still because Summer and Jess forgot to time them. It was over two minutes before Tess pulled Adam’s fingers away. “That has to be at least a minute.” She blushed as she fixed her bra and saw how hard her nips were.

Adam spun the bottle. It pointed to his sister.


“I dare you to rub your ass on Jess’s crotch.”

Jess’s eyes rose upward. He smiled when she stood up and walked over him. He looked up through the panties and saw the dark bush underneath. “Better make it less than a minute.”

“Why Jess?” She asked. “Are you going to make a mess in your jeans?” She glanced over at Adam who looked at his watch.


Summer turned around and lowered her butt down to the bulge in Jess’s jeans. She felt the hard rod between her cheeks and rubbed forward and back. She grabbed his hands and brought them to her waist. “Hold on to me.”

The panties pulled into Summer’s crack which gave Jess a bird’s eye view. As a virgin he was almost ready to cum when Adam called time.

“I can see that you liked that,” Summer giggled after lifting up and walking away.

Jess sat up and covered his erection as he spun. It pointed between Summer and Tess so he spun again and it pointed to his sister. “If you are so brave take off your jeans.”

Tess glanced at Summer and winked before standing and slowly removing her denim. She faced away from Jess to make sure he got a good look at her butt and then turned proudly to show the front and the stretched black triangle covering her pubes and lips.

The game progressed for a few more rounds until they were all sitting in just their undies. They knew that the next article of clothing removed would expose a private area. Since none of them were saying “truth” anymore they all agreed to just do dares but no dares about removing any clothes.

“Are you sure about this?” Jess asked his sister not caring that she could see the seven inch rise in his boxers.

“Yes, are you?” She smiled back at him. It was her turn as she spun the bottle and it pointed to Summer. “I dare you to reach down into Jess’s boxers and jerk him off.”

“Shit Tess,” Jess said nervous about having a level of sex in front of her. “How about we go into another room?”

“Getting afraid Jess?” She teased. “Chicken?”

He glared at her and leaned back on his elbows. Although he was a virgin his past girlfriend had given him a lot of hand jobs. “Sure go ahead.”

Summer could see that he was well endowed. She knelt next to his hip and slowly unbuttoned the one pearl button before reaching her small hand into the hole and curling it around his bare shaft. Her thumb gathered some pre-cum from the tip and rubbed it into her palm for lubrication. As she started stroking he moved completely down.

Tess now could see that Jess was bigger than Adam. She also realized that she was jealous of Summer. She found herself touching the front of her panties as she watched her brother being jerked-off.

“Time,” Adam said to keep Jess from climaxing.

Summer moved her hand out and rubbed it over his boxers to get his juices off her fingers. She leaned over to spin the bottle and saw it pointing at Tess. She wanted to get the undies off and knew of only one way.

Tess saw the mischief in Summer’s eyes. “Uh..oh.”

“I dare you to french kiss your brother for two minutes.”

“What? I’m not french kissing my own sister,” Jess said sitting up. “Are you nuts?”

“Then take off your boxers,” Summer grinned. “Or are you as chicken as Tess says you are?”

“Why do I have to take something off? She won’t do it either.”

“Because I didn’t say that I wouldn’t do it,” Tess grinned. “You’re the coward.”

Jess wanted to get up and go to his room but seeing Summer in her underwear prevented him from leaving. “I don’t think that you will do it.” He stood up and smiled.

Tess did the same and as they looked eye to eye their bodies came together. They felt the forbidden flesh as her breasts pressed into his chest and his cock pressed into her belly. Their lips trembled when they touched and parted.

Their passions, the weed and the feel of their hot bodies made them forget their relationship as their tongues tasted and played. His hands moved up and down her back while hers hands pulled his upper body into her breasts.

Adam glanced over at Summer and smiled. They had not even gone this far kissing and knew that their time was coming that night. He could see Jess’s cock pressing into his girlfriend’s body and saw her body rubbing against it. He looked at his watch and called time.

Both continued kissing for almost five seconds after Adam made the announcement. She smiled at him as she turned and walked back next to Adam. Tess spun the bottle and it pointed at Adam.

“Kiss Summer for two minutes like we just did.”

Adam and his sister moved together and didn’t wait for anyone to say go. Their tongues danced as their hands roamed up and down their backs including their asses. His thigh pressed into her covered pussy until she moaned and rubbed her thigh up against his hard-on. By the time they finished all four we breathing hard and ragged. He spun the bottle and it pointed to Jess.

“I dare you to finger Summer’s pussy.”

Jess smiled and looked at Summer. After all she had stroked him a few minutes earlier.

“Come over here and I’ll sit on your lap,” she said as she stood up by the chair.

Jess stood with his erection pushing straight outward and moved to the chair. His hands moved to her waist as she sat again on his shaft but this time she guided his right hand around to the front and then under the top of her panties. Her legs spread to give Tess and Adam a good view of the shape of his fingers as they parted her lips and rubbed over her wetness.

“Ummm, you did this before haven’t you?” She sighed.

He had fingered his past girlfriend but when his fingers slipped inside of Summer’s pussy he realized the difference. By the way things were going he knew that he would not be a virgin at the end of the night.

“Thirty more seconds,” Adam said. He saw the panties move to the side enough to view the finger as it pushed in and out of her depths.

“Oh God,” Summer said almost there. Her hips were rising and falling on his hard shaft to keep the pressure on her clitty.

“Time,” Adam said.

“A little bit more,” Summer begged. But Jess pulled out and away his fingers. He wanted to keep her hot. “You tease,” she said as she stood to let him get up and sit back down on the floor.

Jess spun and it pointed to Adam. “Touch Tess the same place I touched Summer.”

“My pussy Jess. Is that where you want him to touch?” Tess grinned.

Jess grinned and nodded. He leaned over to get a better view up between her legs. Adam didn’t disappoint him as his fingers moved under her thong and gently rubbed over her raised clitoris. The movements of his fingers pulled the panties to the side enough to Jess to see the puff of blonde fuzz and half of her pink lips.

Tess smiled at her brother knowing that he could see her pussy. It was a huge turn on as Adam took his time teasing and rubbing. She was close to cuming when Summer called time.

Adam spun the bottle and it pointed to Tess. He wondered if she would mess around seriously with her brother. “I dare you to jerk off your brother.”

“ADAM!” She gasped before smacking him on his arm. “I can’t do that.” She looked at Jess to see if he agreed but he was only smiling. “I’ll take off my bra.”

Jess was up for the jerking off but when she said she would remove her bra he sat up to see her better.

Tess’s fingers trembled while she released the front clasp. Since Adam and Summer had already seen her naked she was only showing them for the first time to Jess. She teasingly pulled the cups to the side until her white mounds with cherry tips appeared.

“You’re bigger than I thought,” Jess smiled.

“So are you,” she smiled back looking at his tent. Tess took the bottle and gave it a big spin. It pointed to Summer. “Same thing. Jerk off Adam.”

As much as Summer wanted to do it she wanted everyone to get naked first. She didn’t comment as she pulled off her bra and released her nice firm boobs with long hard tips. Summer spun and it pointed to Adam. “Come here and suck on my titties.”

Jess and Tess figured that he would remove his undies but he stood up and moved to Summer’s chair. Jess smiled as Adam’s mouth engulfed Summer’s right nipple. The line of brother and sister being intimate was being crossed with no turning back.

“Do it easy,” Summer instructed. A minute later he moved back and spun the bottle. It pointed back at him and he spun again. This time it pointed to Tess. Again he told her to jerk off her brother. This time she would have to do it or remove her panties.

“What should I do Jess? What do you want me to do?” She stood up facing him. “Do you want me to take these off?” She toyed with the panty waistband.

“Sure,” Jess grinned. He had always wanted to see his sister naked and was just about to get his wish.

Tess pushed down one side which lowered the front to her blonde bush and then the other side. Since Jess was on the floor looking up he saw the thong pulling away from the wet slit. The panties moved downward but his eyes stayed on her pink pussy lips.

Tess giggled and tossed them aside. She moved down on her knees and spun the bottle. It pointed to Summer. “Same thing. Jerk off Adam.”

Summer knew that Tess wanted her to get naked as well. She stood up proudly and pushed off her panties. Now only the guys were wearing their underwear.

The room was full of sexual tension as Summer spun the bottle. It pointed to Jess. “I dare you to kiss your sister’s pussy.”

“Shit,” Jess said not ready for that dare. He looked at Tess who smiled back. “I guess you can make the decision now. My boxers or my mouth?”

She pointed to the boxers.

Jess was nervous as he lifted his hips and lowered his boxers. His hard and thin seven inch cock popped upward when the boxers moved by. He kicked them off his feet and sat back proudly.

He spun and the bottle pointed to Summer. “I dare you to take off Adam’s underwear.”

“Hey it’s not my dare,” Adam complained.

“We can’t dare you to take off your clothes but we can dare someone else,” Jess grinned. He wanted everyone to be naked.

“Chicken?” Summer asked.

Adam let his sister pull off his boxers and sat back with his six inch thicker tower. All were naked so it was time for the serious stuff.

“So what happens now if someone doesn’t want to do the dare?” Adam asked with the bottle about to be spun.

“They will be the grand chicken shit,” Summer smiled. She had two hard cocks ready for her needs.

“Is everyone ready to play this game all the way?” Adam asked looking at Tess and Jess. He knew that Summer would.

“I will,” Tess said looking at her brother.

“All the way,” Jess repeated. He knew it meant with Tess as well.

“All the way,” Summer grinned looking at Adam.

“OK.” Jess smiled. Adam spun the bottle and it pointed at Tess.

“I dare you to jerk off your brother.” It was the third straight time he said the same dare.”

Tess stood up and walked over to Jess. “Stay on your back.” She dropped to her knees and spit in her right hand. “Are you ready?”

Jess could only nod and jerked back when her soft warm fingers curled around his shaft. He closed his eyes imagining that it was not his sister stroking his cock. “Oh God.”

Tess took her time touching and stroking. She cupped and played with his balls and teased her middle finger underneath at his rear hole. She knew time was about up so her fingers moved into warp speed.

“OHHHH!” Jess cried out when his cannon erupted. His hot spunk shot out onto is stomach almost filling his navel.

“I’ll get some tissues,” Summer said seeing the box on a nearby table. After Jess cleaned off his stomach and Tess her fingers Tess spun the bottle. It pointed to Summer.

Tess had never given a blow job and wanted to see how it was done. She giggled before she said, “I dare you to give Adam a blow job.”

“A blow job?” Summer repeated. It was actually something that she had refused to do for her boyfriend. “Can I do a hand job?”

“Look who’s chicken now,” Adam said hoping for his first oral released.

“I’m not chicken,” Summer glared. She moved to his knees and pushed them outward to enable her body to drop between them. Her fingers wrapped around his cock and held it up as she looked over at Tess. “Start the timer.”

Adam’s eyes opened wide when his sister’s tongue licked from the base of his cock to the tip. She licked off the pre-cum droplets and then engulfed the whole crown. Even though she had never given a blowjob she knew what to do. Her lips locked tight as her head lifted and lowered. Up and down for thirty seconds. It was enough to take her brother over the edge. “AHHHH! I’M CUMING!”

Summer managed to get her lips off as the first load blasted out. She aimed the prick at his stomach until it was empty.

“Wow,” Tess said as Summer licked her lips and walked back to her seat. She grinned when the bottle pointed to her. “Come here Jess.” She opened her legs and parted her bush.

Jess too had never gone down on his late girlfriend but it didn’t take rocket science to figure out where to lick and suck. He moved between his sister’s legs and heard Adam yell go.

“Oh God,” Tess moaned feeling his tongue and teeth deeply into her inner lips. It felt as if his whole face was about to go inside. He licked up and down her clitty and then she felt his finger discover that she was not a virgin. His face moved away as he fingered her and looked at her.

“I guess you are the only virgin in the room,” Tess giggled. Her eyes closed when he resumed licking and sucking. When he was done Jess spun the bottle.

“What’s my dare?” Summer asked. She saw Jess hesitate but knew what he wanted. “Do you want me to fuck you?” She saw that he was hard and ready.

“Yes,” he said hoping that she would.

“I think we can forget about the timer now,” Summer said. She straddled his hips with her knees and reached under her to aim his cock head up to her pussy lips. “Get ready for heaven.”

Tess and Adam had a bird’s eye view of his penis as it slowly disappeared into her moist hole. She reached for Adam’s hard-on and pulled him until they were lying next to their siblings. “Fuck me,” Tess commanded.

Jess didn’t know that his sister was being fucked next to him until she grabbed his hand between their bodies. He looked over and smiled as Adam and Summer moved up and down.

Only moans and bodies smacking together were heard in the room. Since both guys had already climaxed they were able to hold out longer this time. Five then ten minutes went by until all four were ready to explode.

“I’m going to cum,” Tess cried. Her hand left her brothers to reach down and pull Adam closer. “DON’T STOP!”

“Me too,” Jess whined like a little boy. “It feels so hot…ohhhh.”

“NOW!” Tess screamed. Adam held in his groans when he let his spunk go deep inside of her.

“DO IT! CUM INSIDE OF ME!” Summer yelled.

“I AM! CAN YOU FEEL IT?” Jess laughed.

Summer felt his discharge and climaxed herself. “AHHHH!”


Both Tess and Jess fell asleep after their mutual fucking session with Adam and Summer. It was 2 AM when she felt hands moving up to cup and caress her breasts. She turned and opened her eyes expecting to see Adam but saw her brother instead.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered. His face moved towards hers and waited for hers to turn. When it did their lips touched and opened.

Neither cared that they were alone and that Adam and Summer had left. All they cared about was touching and kissing for almost an hour. He rubbed into her pussy while she stroked him until he was rock hard.

He looked at her as he moved between her opened legs. “Tess.”

She smiled and nodded. Their eyes remained locked as he entered her. “Go slow.”

Jess took his time moving in and out deeper and deeper until their matching blonde pubic mounds twisted together. As twins they had never been as close both physically and mentally. He had the rhythm now as her legs curled around his hips to hold him tight.

“I love you Jess,” she whispered.

“Me too……me too.”

They moved as one for another ten minutes before his hips moved faster and faster. She hung on as they both climaxed.


Adam and Summer were dead tired as well when they got home. Since their parents were there they couldn’t take the chance to do what they wanted to do. After kissing by her door for a few minutes she pushed him away. “Maybe tomorrow.”

They slept well that night and Adam woke up at 10:05AM wondering if they were alone. He was wearing his cotton shorts when he walked downstairs. Not hearing a sound he walked into the kitchen and saw his sister leaning over the table reading the comics. She was wearing a long tee shirt.

“Mom will be gone for a few hours,” she said without looking back. “I was hoping that you would be up soon.”

“Why is that?” He grinned moving up to her ass and lifting her shirt. He was not surprised that she was not wearing panties. His fingers moved under her ass and discovered how damp her pussy was. “What have you been doing?”

“Getting it all wet and lubricated for you,” she answered as she opened her legs and moved down onto her elbows. She peeked under her body and saw his shorts fall to his ankles and felt the hard tip press up into her opened pussy. He hesitated.

“You’re not chicken are you?” She giggled. A second later his thick cock rushed into her moist oven.

“OHHH……” She cried as he fucked her doggie style. Their bodies pushed the table sideways until it jammed against the sink. “WAIT!” She said moving to the side until he moved out. She jumped up onto the table and opened her legs. “This way.”

They both could now watch their bodies become one again. He cupped her tits as he fucked in and out of her honey pot. Ten minutes later their screams filled the house.


It was a week later when Adam brought a new girl home. “This is Sue my new girlfriend.”

After Sue met the family Summer pulled her brother aside. “What happen to Tess?”

“She doesn’t want to leave the house,” Adam smiled. They moved back into the kitchen with Sue and after their parents left to go shopping for a new car Summer walked Sue outside and looked the hot tub. “Do you have a brother?”

“Yes but he’s a year older,” Sue replied.

“Good,” Summer smiled. “Would you like to join me in the hot tub?”

Sue laughed. “Sorry but I didn’t bring my bathing suit.”

Summer pulled her shirt over her bare breasts. “You’re not chicken are you?”

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