Caring Cousins

Sue’s very distant cousin invited herself for a ‘brief’ visit that extended from a weekend to a week… then a month… then open ended. At first I objected to her rude intrusion. It helped assuage me that her petite body was outrageously hot and her very pretty face was so easy on the eyes. Fully dressed, even when conservatively, her bright blue eyes and gleaming smile could seduce anyone into yielding to her wishes then thanking her for letting you do what she wanted. Her youthful innocence was so endearing and belied her recent, doddering, old age threshold of eighteen. So far, she had evaded telling us when her birthday was.

When Sue told me why she had to run away from home, I regretted my resistance and warmly welcomed her to live with us as long as she needed. I did, however, impose some household rules. She was not to substantially add to our financial burden and not disrupt or interfere with my preferred routines. When she asked me to explain that, I had the chance to learn of her intimate experience levels.

I told her that I usually endured my in-home chores in the nude all day long. Reducing laundry is good for the environment and we all have to do our part. I threw in that aside since I knew she was strongly pro environment, though any thinking person HAS to be. When the California winter nights dropped below a chilly sixty, I put on ONLY a T-shirt or other top covering. If any of that was a problem, we’d have to rethink her visit or limit her access to our common areas. After an open-mouth moment of crimson blush and looking quizzically at her cousin, she agreed to my rules. When she asked if Sue passed the day nude too, Sue answered that she often did though it wasn’t daily and she had no problem with her husband being naked around her. Amanda hesitated before asking if SHE too would be required to be naked with us. We quickly said she wasn’t expected to be nude with us, but she could join us when she felt at ease with it. We decided it was too soon to tell her about our frequent naked weekends with guests.

Amanda had her own room next to our bedroom, with a shared wall. We always left our bedroom door open, giving Amanda the chance to eavesdrop when she made any extra trips to the hall bathroom. We slept nude and uncovered, but left the lights off for Amanda’s sake. During sex, Sue could get loud and we treated that as our normal routine and didn’t curb our enthusiasm. After a week of hearing us thru the open door and shear walls, we were surprised and delighted to hear a resounding buzzzzz coming from Amanda’s room.

In a kind concession, though not asked, we decided to give her a month to adjust before openly flaunting our nudity at her; so Sue wore at least a light robe and I wore tighty whities or more stylish undies. Sue only loosely tied her robe so it constantly threatened to reveal her sexy parts as she moved. She always seemed to conveniently have both hands full when her sash loosened. With each day, she took longer strides so her legs were more and more exposed, but her bush managed to stay hidden. Her tiny tits bounced obviously against her robe with her exaggerated steps, but didn’t fall out. I’m sure she was disappointed.

Amanda’s nocturnal outfits started with her wearing a heavy, two-piece flannel PJ with all fasteners buttoned. That seriously stressed the 2nd and 3rd buttons around her oversized boobs and left huge gaps between buttons. When Sue wore tight tops like that, her small tits, all the way to her thick nipples, were completely exposed in the gaps. Amanda’s nipples were crushed trying to escape her deep cleavage and lamentably hidden from view. When she saw me trying for a peek, two things happened. Her nipples stiffened, revealing their size and location thru the thick top; and my underwear seemed to shrink! I caught her peeking at my swelling and taking longer and longer to look away. There’s real hope yet. Unasked, Amanda opened two buttons on her 3rd night with us. The next night she risked another one, leaving all her cleavage and most of her bountiful boobs exposed. She kept her eyes downcast in embarrassment though we didn’t comment. I noticed that she began leaving her bedroom door open too, though she still wore her PJs to bed.

I must take a moment to describe our shared commodes. There’s the hall bath which had no shower, just a tub. The master bath had no tub, but a shower stall. Amanda liked to get started early and shower daily so she used the master bath. Since she liked lonnnng showers, she caused delays for Sue and me to get ready for work. Teasing her about conserving water didn’t help. The solution was for Sue to use the hall bath while Amanda used the shower, leaving me waiting for them to finish. The amended solution was that I would give Amanda under a minute to get into the shower before I would walk in to shave and get ready. The minute went to thirty seconds as I tried to accidentally catch her nude before her shower. I often caught her pulling her leg into the stall and closing the door. I was quite impressed with the brief glimpse of the smooth, round, naked ass she’d kept under wraps. Breathlessly, I often freed my dick while she showered in the vague hope she’d slide the door open and take a peek.

We spoke thru the shower door until, feigning not hearing her, I stepped onto the toilet and looked over the shower door. I was very disappointed by how little I actually saw. The tease, seeing her naked and yet NOT seeing anything made my dick rigid. I pressed it against the frosted glass door and imagined her turning her head and sucking me into her young mouth. She never looked up at me though she often turned completely around while keeping an arm across her plentiful chest. I suggested we could save water and the heater if we shared the shower. She ignored me.

After an evening shower one day, and getting playful, she asked for help with two painful little cysts on her right breast. I suggested using DMSO on them to help prevent them from opening, so she asked me to apply it. She asked if it were a ‘natural’ product. I lied. Then told her it was a spinoff of a natural process, which had some truth in it. She said one zit was above her nipple, and the other was even with it at three o’clock. With Sue watching, she pressed her hand over her nipple, opened the button below her tits and shrugged the PJ off her shoulder, exposing all of the top of one breast to us. Using a bare, clean finger, I applied some DMSO to the upper zit with more pressure than needed. I didn’t want her to get aroused by this, yet. Her smile broadened as I lingered, rubbing her soft tit in bigger circles than needed. When I asked her to show me the other one, she hesitated, then peeled the PJ around her huge aureola, keeping most of it covered. I didn’t comment on her prolonged nip slip. Again, I pressed harder than necessary around the blessed zit and went for more DMSO while asking her to stay exposed as she was. Pressing her plump tit sideways, then up, caused an obvious stirring in my briefs.

After her morning shower, faking concern about using DMSO, she asked me to apply it again. And again. Twice a day for a few days. I asked if she wanted me to check the rest of her breasts for more zits, especially in the crease under her heavy tits. Indecisive for a moment, she chose not to allow me the pleasure. She did manage to almost casually comment that she was disease free, at least STD free. Hmmmmm.

I noticed and appreciated that Amanda’s day wear was getting more daring each day. She’d even begun sun bathing in our verdant back yard in a small bikini. Our neighbors loved the hot scenery. That Saturday Amanda tried on Sue’s smaller yellow bikini. The bottom fit easily since both sides tied up, leaving more thigh/ass flesh exposed than it did on Sue. The top was too big for Sue and MUCH too small for Amanda despite the tie top. Amanda’s very big aureolas were barely covered by the nomadic, tiny yellow triangles and she had to keep adjusting them to keep both covered. Unfortunately, she did a good job with them. She asked if we did anything special for Earth Day. I told her truthfully that we just were even more discerning than usual about the 3-Rs, avoided all clothing even outside (practicing for Nude Day) and tried hard to use only natural products all day. I told her we’d tried paper clothing one year, but then learned they were treated with inorganic fire retardant. Since then, if we went out on Earth Day, we wore our hemp clothes regardless of how strange they looked. I invited her to join us this year and wear the hemp until we get to our secluded picnic site where we would be naked outside all day in a heavily wooded park. She looked at me pitifully, as if I’d totally lost my mind.

Three neighbor homes bordered my yard with minimal fencing and bushes separating us. It wasn’t quite a park, but we were surrounded in cool greenery. Yet, anyone nearby may see her as she flips from belly to back on a lounger. I stepped onto our grapevine-covered redwood deck to watch her a while. Teasing or accident? She kept wrestling with the tiny top, sliding it side to side and letting one nip then the other slip. Her eyes seemed closed, but her little smirk told me she enjoyed stealthily watching me watch her. My loose shorts did nothing to contain my throbbing dick. Just as I pointed it safely down my leg, her furious tugging caused one cup to pop to the side and a giant, gorgeous tit completely escaped temptingly as I watched. The pea sized, rosy nipple was a surprise contrast to her huge aureola. When she pushed it back under the meager triangle and stretched the teeny top back down, the neck string tie snapped open and the same massive mammary was again fully exposed.

I asked her to just take it off. It was time and Earth Day was coming! She hesitated and covered her nipple without tying the top. Sue, in Amanda’s bigger bikini had come outside in time to see Amanda’s tit jump free. She asked if she missed the whole show or if it was still coming. Amanda demurely denied there was or would be a show, then deflected that her big bikini top on Sue would let her put on her own show for us. Since Sue’s tiny tatas floated nearly untouched by Amanda’s top, that was an obvious truth. Sue said she was REUSING the big suit and she was jealous of Amanda’s big tits and wanted to see them both. “My dick and I heartily agree and we think you are ready to come out of both those tiny yellow shells.” Amanda coyly said that one of us would have to take it off for her, if we were THAT anxious to see her girls.

That was a bright and beaconing GREEN light, yet also a dare to do it. As casually as I could, I leapt up and made my way to her. Before I got there, Sue rushed around me and laid Amanda back down on the heavy redwood framed lounger. She rubbed her shoulders from behind her and pushed the unfastened straps off. Amanda held the scrappy bits over her nipples, daringly letting half her aureolas stay exposed. Sue explored her big tits over the suit, pushed her hands aside then slipped under her cousin’s top. She peeled the loose bits down and uncovered both tantalizing tits.

Amanda gasped, looked wide-eyed and nervously around the yard, at her bared tits, into Sue’s eyes then mine. I sat at her feet and watched my wife fondle and explore the firm, bare boobs. She slid the top around her back so she could untie and totally remove it and toss it on the deck. Sue said “If you’re serious about Earth Day, we should start now. That was partially synthetic material, so it had to go. We’ll check the label on the bottom too.” Amanda seemed oddly shocked at the complete loss of the top maybe because there was no recourse left. Sue hefted the massive tits and offered them to me. “My God these are grand. I wish we could share them somehow. Sweetie, these are beautiful and though massive, they suit you very well.” She squeezed them as she slid her hands toward the nipples, making them swell and bulge slightly like under filled water balloons. I licked my lips and lightly rubbed Amanda’s calves and past her knees. She squeezed her shapely legs together protectively. Sue rolled her thumbs over the mingy, beaded, yet hard nipples. Amanda tried to suppress a groan, as Sue’s ministering distracted her from her deepening camel toe and swelling labia. I could NOT miss the way the bikini strained over her flowering, luscious lips.

No one but I seemed to notice some noises in bushes and I didn’t comment. I reached up and petted her velvety firm tit and, for the first time, stroked her pebbly aureola. With a broad grin, she watched me stroke her then lean in to take it into my mouth. I kissed, licked, sucked and savored her young tit. Her back arched and she thrust her huge globe firmly against my face. Her moans ramped louder when Sue sucked the other tasty nip. More peeper noises. Leaning over her shoulder caused Sue’s tiny tits to flop inverted out of Amanda’s top. Amanda petted them gingerly then told her that she KNEW that suit was not all natural so Sue had to remove her top too.

By then, Sue knew a peeper was watching and turned toward him. Amanda, slid her hand under Sue’s top, pushing it up. She must have known about the peeper too since she aimed her cousin’s naked tiny tits at the exact source of muffled grunts. Sue smirked knowingly, unclipped her top and let Amanda pull it down and off exposing Sue’s bare chest to us and the peeper. “This is the first time I’m so blatantly exposed in such an open area.” mourned young Amanda. “At least it’s for a good cause.”

Sue sensuously kissed Amanda’s mouth, then bent to suck her tit again. Amanda also sucked Sue. She was surprised at the tall hardness of Sue’s perfect nipple. We both caressed Amanda’s athletic legs and jointly rubbed up to her crotch. When I circled her pulsing labia, her legs slackened, her nipples hardened, her clit pressed harder against the thin suit, obvious over her swollen camel toe. She moaned louder. I untied both sides of her snug bikini bottom and flipped it open. “I’m soooooo sorry, but this is not all natural so it has to go too.” What a great excuse! Surrendering to the loss of control, she spread her legs and offered up her moist and swollen mons. It was covered with tightly cropped, unshaped, pale blonde hair. “Now THIS looks all natural. I’ll inspect it closely and let you know.” Sue watched me trace up her fattened lips, around her clit and finally between her outer and inner lips. I spread her labia so her honeyed, wet aroma could rise. Amanda bent her knees up and bravely let them fall open allowing her undefendable pussy to gape open before me.

I tugged her suit bottom and Amanda lifted her ass to let it slide out from under her. She cupped Sue’s crotch and rubbed it over her suit while her other hand pressed next to her own monk’s hood so her swollen clit temptingly jumped out with each push. I slipped a finger deep into Amanda’s wet pussy and she gasped. “I can tell this is all natural. The silky fuzz looks, feels and ummm, tastes natural too.” She reached over her head and snagged Sue’s suit bottom, tugged it hard to make a gap between it and her hairy pussy which also moved her bottoms down and exposed half my wife’s lightly tanned ass crack. I heard a moan from the fence as Sue pointed her barely covered, shapely ass at it. I pushed two fingers deep into Amanda and slowly twisted them inside her, feeling the uneven, wet, slippery, heavenly walls. Amanda watched in awe as I gathered her ambrosia then slipped my fingers, wet with her sex juice, into my hungry mouth. “Ohhh Myyy Goddd! This is about the best tasting natural juice we can have. All I need to do to tap more natural ambrosia is to wiggle this little button. Right?”

Sue piped up that she wanted some of Amanda’s sex juice, so I pushed three fingers inside and found a flood of sweet/savory nectar waiting. Amanda said she’d never tasted herself, but now, seeing us enjoy her so much, she wanted some too. I gave her my soaked middle finger so Sue and I lapped my other fingers. As we licked my fingers clean, I moved them together so our tongues melded and we all shared all fingers and tongues.

Amanda squeezed her fingers into Sue’s suit from the bottom and commented on the moisture in Sue’s hair. Unsure what to do, she rubbed across Sue’s lips then pulled her suit harder until the waist cleared her ass. “Why are you still wearing this synthetic pollutant? Take it off.” Sue let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it, making sure to give our peeper a spread leg, open pussy view. She relished the bold exposure confirmed by a loud moan from him. Sue slowly swung a leg over Amanda’s head and moved to put Amanda’s stiff little nipple against her pussy. She bent and rubbed the nipple against her clit. I bussed her sweet naked ass and dragged a finger just inside her cheek so I could pull against her anus before slipping it into her sopping pussy.

I watched her grind her clit on the other nipple then slide up Amanda’s chest and offer her young cousin her soaked pussy. Amanda was surprised and wasn’t sure what to do with it so she started rubbing it with fingers then her chin. “Amanda, wiggle Sue’s ‘dispense’ button so you can have HER natural juices.” I trailed a finger from Sue’s ass, over Amanda’s nipple and down her body slowly before diverting from her pubis to her thigh and back to her fleshed out labia. I looked forward to teaching her what her cousin wanted from her, so I began lightly kissing her thigh, licking it to her slit and blowing gently on it. Her twitching told me she enjoyed what she felt. I licked up one youthful, pristine lip, around her throbbing, erect clit and back down the same lip. Her hip lurched up as I pulled back, then it fell with an audible disappointed moan from her starving mouth.

I heard our peeper move for a better view and hoped he had a camera so he could share his images with us later. Sue took advantage of Amanda’s moan and moved her labia against Amanda’s lips. When she turned her head aside, Sue caught it and stoked her lip with her labia until it opened. I helped my wife by pressing my hot, flattened tongue against her cousin’s puffy pussy and licked up to her extended clit. She moaned and lurched up again. My tongue pushed her hood back farther and lightly pressed her clit. She gasped and Sue shifted her clit into her cousin’s virginal mouth. I lapped Amanda’s clit then abruptly sucked it between my lips. She screeched and her whole body vibrated in her first orgasm at my touch.

Sue waited until I released her, then shifted her pussy across her lips until she had to give in. That time, Amanda gently, tentatively kissed her cousin’s pussy for the first time. I could see her test the flavor and knew just how heavenly Sue tasted. She looked into Sue’s smiling eyes and squeezed a nipple before kissing her vulva more deliberately. She licked her lips before returning to my wife’s labia even more aggressively. I didn’t want to distract her from enjoying her cousin’s taste so I carefully slid my tongue away from her clit, but into her love hole. I already loved her dizzying taste as much as I loved Sue’s so I gently curled my tongue and used it like a scoop to catch her drippings.

My stiff cock was now beating angrily against my clothes to get out -no one cared that I was still fully dressed and they were both fully naked. Amanda was moaning and jamming her tongue into Sue’s pussy and both were beginning to relish the contact. I saw Amanda push a finger into her cousin’s throbbing pussy, under her tongue. I was about to do the same to her, so I copied that but pushed two fingers in. After licking and stroking her fabulous cunt a minute, I extended a third finger, but guided it against her anus. After a moment of tensing, she relaxed when I assured her I wasn’t going to force her, just tempt her. I pushed it across her round muscle, dragging and rubbing her wrinkled ring. In a moment of distraction, I gently pushed the tip of that finger inside her rear and she lurched up, sealing her back hole around my captive finger. She quickly gave up all resistance when I lightly pulsed her anal ring in and out without going deeper. Sue kept grinding on her mouth and I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and spread her cheeks. I asked her to relax when I licked her asshole and to let my finger enter again, but much deeper this time. She reluctantly agreed and focused on Sue’s slit as my thrusting, twisting, anal finger brought her to another quivering orgasm. She admitted that it hardly hurt for a few seconds then felt surprisingly good. We learned later that was her first anal penetration too.

Sue turned, pulled off my shirt, leaving her tempting, bare ass next to Amanda’s mouth. It was too soon to ask her to lick Sue’s asshole, so she watched thru Sue’s legs as she squeezed my swollen dick, still hidden by clothing. After opening my shorts, Sue bent down and noisily ate Amanda’s wet pussy. She tugged me to move to Amanda’s side. As I went, I pinched Sue’s hard nipple and pulled it with me.

Sue put her cousin’s hand on my stiff, covered cock. She faltered a moment, nearly withdrawing, before cautiously and questioningly squeezing it and feeling its outline. “You know, I’ve seen this stiff thingy thru the frosted shower door several times. While you were peeking down on me, I watched you hump it against the door. It made me soooo horny to think you wanted me and were staring at my naked body. That’s umm, really why I let you feel my boobies and ahhh ‘needed’ you to apply the DMSO. But I think you knew that already. I wanted to see this penis clearly and feel it and maybe, ummm, lick it. Fur sure I want to make it spurt and watch it. Can we do that?”

So she was watching me watch her! “Why don’t you take it out and ask it? I think you’ll like the answer.” Wide eyed and grinning, she struggled with it as Sue helped. Too anxious to wait for it to appear, she shoved her trembling, warm hand into the open shorts and cooood when she felt my bare, turgid, tool waiting for her. No whities to impede her, she gently slid her hand down to my puckered balls, circled them softly before returning to my stiff shaft. She watched for my reaction as she pressed harder and harder against the rigid rod. My eyes closed at the onslaught of pleasure. Sue pealed open the shorts and slid them down. Amanda watched my eager cock appear. When it dropped securely into her palm, she finally got her fingers around it and squeezed hard. My mouth fell open and I gasped loudly. I heard Sue tell her to pull the skin down and squeeze hard so the crimson head would turn purple. She did; I moaned in exquisite agony in the foreign grip of this beautiful, young stranger.

Sue piped up, “We have a delicious fluid we can share, but he has TWO. If you want to see it squirt out here, you’ll have to lick and suck it. Start with the ropey bundle connecting the head to the skin. Have you ever done that before?” I’m glad Sue could still focus on questions since I was in a dizzy euphoria already. Doubtless that was from the combination of being outside, being watched, being naked the first time with this family stranger, tasting her luscious tits and heavenly pussy, having my naked wife exposing herself to her cousin and a neighbor while feeding my throbbing, turgid tool and her own sexy body to her young cousin, ohh myyy!

Amanda answered that she had handled and tasted cock before, but never willingly or lovingly. This felt very different to her. I told her to open her willing mouth and stuff my loving cock into it then and savor the new experience. She grinned at my taunt and licked the bottom of my shaft to the tip making me shiver. Sue moved between her legs so she had a better view of her cousin sucking her husband’s dick for the first time. “You must be doing something right! He rarely shivers like that. Catch that clear drop escaping his dick or I will. It’s kinda sweet and delicious.” Amanda stared at the drop of Cowper’s as if it were the first time seeing any. We later learned it was. Her previous experiences were all forced and she never looked at or tasted what she was coerced to swallow. She’d never been allowed any foreplay. I felt privileged to show her how different a loving approach was.

She touched my sweetness and glans gently with her thumb, feeling how slippery it was. Tentatively, she reached out with her tongue and stole the smallest possible drop from the bead of my fluid. We watched her lip-smacking, contorted face squirm as she evaluated the evidence and our credibility. In seconds, she smiled broadly and licked her lips. “Yummmm, delicious! I had no idea it tasted so good. More, please.” She blissfully licked all the Cowper’s off my head as I groaned louder and louder. Sue smiled and pushed her legs apart so she could get more of Amanda’s flowing nectar. I told her how to coax the rest of my clear juice from my aching dick. After she took it all, she demanded more. We told her it was time to advance and solicit the other juice that comes from my balls. She had yet to learn how to lovingly and effectively suck cock.

“You know, Amanda, you have TWO fluids from your groin also, but I have THREE. If you’re really committed to Earth Day, you’ll do something with the other one that is usually considered a fetish. So, what’s that other fluid?” She couldn’t guess. “Urine! It’s sterile when it’s fresh out of the tap and many claim it has several health benefits from drinking it. One day we’ll work up to that, but NOT today.”

“You’re not planning to pee in my mouth, are you?”

“No grasshopper. If that day comes, we’ll pee in a glass and drink it down. Astronauts already drink it, but only after deep filtering. They, and some survivalists, must practice the ultimate recycling. Don’t worry about it now.”

After the briefest of lessons, Sue showed her one of several ways to eat and massage a stiff dick. When asked if she’d ever taken one into her throat, she said she had been forced to take several there and always gaged and spit up. Several??? Sue assured her she would teach her how to enjoy and want to take it deep into her when she was ready. When she demonstrated her deep throat, I turned toward the new noises I heard. There, in the bald area in our flower wall, was our naked neighbor with his camera. Before I could say anything, Sue gulped me into her warm, wet throat. Amanda gasped at the sight just as I gasped at the fantastic tightness of her velvety throat. I saw a flash and briefly wondered why he needed it on in such bright sunlight. Maybe he wanted to be caught and invited to join us? It was too soon to expose Amanda to another sexually, so I said nothing.

“OK, Amanda. Rest his dick on your tongue and carry it into your mouth. Wetness, pressure and temperature let you control when he cums. You’ll draw the most cum if you bring him close, but then change to weaker stimulation then go back to high stimulation. It sounds mean, but you’ll learn how to balance the intensity and make it all worth while. Seal your mouth around his cock and feel the surges as you change how hard you suck him. Break the seal and draw cool air over his cock. Sometimes that will cool him down, but sometimes that will throw him over the top. Enjoy practicing on him as often as you like. Learn the signs that tell you when he’s close. His dick will swell and his head will throb and fill your mouth just before he pops. If you don’t want to taste his cum, either pull him out or take him deep into your throat. You may like the taste of his cum, depending on what he ate. If you do, let him fill your mouth so you can savor it before you swallow. It’s low calorie and full of healthy protein and good recycling, though I don’t see how spilling it onto the grass is bad.” Sue took one more big lick then offered my still aching dick to her cousin.

Amanda followed directions well. Except for sucking cool air over my dick as it first entered her gaping mouth, she was gentle and loving. On her own, she rolled her lip over her sharp teeth and cushioned my cock as it sought shelter within. Besides the warm wetness of her cavern, she tried exhaling hot air directly from her lungs over my dick and out her mouth. It worked and ramped up the intense splendor. Sue had returned to Amanda’s pussy with two fingers inside and her tongue on her pulsing clit. She watched our student pull my dick out of her mouth and stroke it several times. The change in stimulation worked as Sue had taught her. When my breathing slowed again, she sucked me back into that wonderful mouth. She felt my dick throb its warning and repeated the cool down again. Damn! This was too didactical. I shouted, “I NEED to cum soon or burst!”

Sue gave her a ‘thumbs up’ to both congratulate her and warn that it was time to let me cum. Amanda really began enjoying her power. She stroked me in her mouth as she sucked harder. I could tell she was undecided about where I should cum. Sue watched carefully and timed her finger strokes inside Amanda so they intensified when my cheeks clenched. In a simultaneous moment, Amanda sucked my throbbing head against her throat, but pulled it out and stroked me hard and long just as I exploded on her face; before she could react, Sue twisted her fingers up and swiped her G-spot before stroking past it several times. In that loud instant, I bellowed my release and Amanda shrieked happily in surprise at her own intense orgasm. She wasn’t sure what to do with my still erupting dick once she realized she was still gripping it, so she let it drain its last spurts on her big tits and forgot about my spew on her face.

I caught myself on the arms of the lounger so I didn’t crush her as I fell forward, but we were both gasping wildly just an inch apart. I never liked the taste of my own cum, yet I found her stained lips and kissed her breathlessly. She pulled away, eyes popping, for a second before returning my kiss. My tongue licked her teeth and begged entry. Her tongue met mine and in that second I knew she’d caught some of my seed in her mouth. I briefly fought the urge to pull away, but the splendor of her warm tongue and the knowledge that she also was tasting my seed pulled me back into her. All that existed in that moment were our passionate mouths, so we were not aware of Sue standing over us and licking her lips like the Cheshire cat. Mission accomplished. Amanda was comfortable with us and already more indoctrinated that we’d dared hope.

When we finally broke our kiss, Sue bent over Amanda and sent her tongue into her mouth. Amanda commented that her face tasted like pussy. Sue said she loved her pussy taste as much as I did and began licking my forgotten seed off Amanda’s face. Seeing her enjoy the flavor, Amanda scraped some cum onto her finger and into her mouth. She said “I don’t know about the urine, but I might grow to like the taste of sperm, so give me more now, ‘please sir’.” I lifted a dripping tit to her mouth and offered her some more before my wife licked it all off her. Watching them both clean my sperm off Amanda’s big beautiful tits got my dick swelling again. Amanda cupped it and wondered if I were ready to perform again.

“Give me a few more minutes.” I said. “Let’s go inside and see if we can all squeeze into the shower together. Gotta save that water. I declare the official start of naked housing right now- no further need for clothes.” I helped them both up and gave each a warm hug and another deep wet kiss. “I don’t see ever tiring of this erotic delight. Amanda, if you’re up for it, you may join us in our bed tonight so we can continue your fun reeducation. Of course, we don’t have to wait THAT long.”

I opened the door and watched two fabulous naked asses sway past me deliciously. Just before we all entered the house naked, I turned and bellowed to our new friendly neighbor, “JIM, we’ll probably be sunning again early morning in our great outdoors here. You’re invited to come over tomorrow either then or into the house about two, but only if you and your wife come naked and bring the photos you took.” I didn’t wait for an answer, yet as I slid the door closed, I heard a faint “OKayyy.” response.

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