Cousin’s Visit Means Fun

When David Richards drove into the yard he immediately wondered whose van was parked next to his parents’ car, then he remembered that his Uncle Ryan and Aunt Vicki were due for his brother’s wedding. The wedding however wasn’t for another 12 days and he was not looking foreward to living in the same house with his uncle that long. Ryan was nice enough but just such a boisterous man, who sometimes liked to provoke arguments with his brother, Brian, David’s father, after a little too much rum. His Aunt Vicki was the exact opposite — a very quite and always polite person, so he was looking foreward to seeing her.

Most of all David was excited about seeing their daughter, Kathy, once again. The last time he’d seen her was about 8 months ago at her brother’s wedding in Indiana. He hadn’t seen her in years previous to that and it was a case of lust at first sight for him. He didn’t care that she was his first cousin, or that he shouldn’t have lewd thoughts about her; he simply couldn’t help it. David had a definate weakness for buxom girls with dark hair, and his cousin fit the bill. Not only had she interited her mother’s looks, she had also been blessed with her pleasant demeanour as well, in marked contrast to her father. Although she was 6 years older than him, she never condescended towards him or treated him like the geeky teenager he was. Kathy was not only about the sexiest girl David had ever met — she was a genuinely all-round nice person too, which made her even more attractive. David was going to be turning 19 in a couple of months, and he hoped that Kathy would notice a change for the better since she had last seen him.

David went into the kitchen and dropped the grocery bags on the table and looked around at those assembled there. The first thing he heard was his uncle’s booming voice.

“There he is!” Ryan said loudly “How’s my favourite nephew?”

David looked at his uncle and softly said “He’s doing fine. He’s getting married in 12 days you know. “

Ryan laughed loudly and slapped his nephew on the back.

“Still the smartass I see — just like your father.” he said and smiled warmly.

David felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see his Aunt Vicki. She flashed him a smile and gave him a hug.

“It’s so good to see you again, David.” she said as she held onto his shoulders “I hope us staying here for the next couple of weeks won’t be too much of an inconvience. Ryan and I will be staying in the spare room upstairs, but you’ll have to share your room with Kathy.”

When David’s brother, Barry, had moved in with his girlfriend, soon to be wife, years ago it meant that Ryan finally got a bedroom all to himself after having to share one with his brother all his life, and Barry’s old bed had remained in the room next to Ryan’s bed.

“Ahh, ya, sure, that’ll be fine.” Ryan said trying not to betray himself, or the ribald images that the thought of sharing a bedroom with his cousin for two weeks had conjured up.

Ryan looked around the room, scratching the back of his neck nervously then thrust his hands deep into his pockets to conceal the growing bulge in his jeans.

“Ummm… where is Kathy anyway?” he asked trying to make the question sound as innocuous as he could.

“She went upstairs to unpack. You should go up and say ‘hi’. I’m sure she’d be glad to see you.” Vicki said.

As David began to leave the kitchen his uncle called to him, and he stopped and turned around.

“We’re taking your folks out to supper. Kathy’s on another one of her crazy diets so she turned me down. Would you like to come?” Ryan asked.

David shook his head and said “No thanks, Uncle Ryan.”

“Fine, suit yourself. Not many people would turn down free food though. You on a diet too?” Ryan said.

David’s parents joined Ryan and Vicki and they all left. David watched as the car drove out of the yard then quickly walked upstairs to his room where Kathy was. When David turned and walked through the doorway to his bedroom he was shocked to see Kathy standing there in a pair of jeans, but topless. She was leaning over a suitcase sifting through it and her large breasts hung down and swayed with her movements.

Kathy never heard her cousin walking down the carpeted hallway until he was standing in the doorway. Surprised, she gave a shriek and quickly folded her arms over her chest and turned around.

David jumped, and instantly turned his back to his cousin, embarassed.

“Oh, geez… Kathy… I’m sorry… I never knew… I mean…” he stammered and stared at his feet.

David heard his cousin laughing behind him, and was surprised by her reaction.

“It’s ok, David, I’ve got something on now. You can come in.” Kathy said.

David slowly turned around and saw his cousin still standing next to the bed — except now she was wearing a thin white tank top. She could tell that David was obviously embarrassed and did her best to reassure him by reaching out to rub his arm.

“Hey, David, it’s ok. We’re going to be sharing this room for two weeks. This may not be the last time you get to see by boobs.” Kathy said and winked “Give me a hug, now that I’ve got some clothes on.”

Kathy pulled her cousin to her and quickly embraced him and kissed his cheek. David’s hands slid around her sides over the thin cotton of her top to the small of her back. For a few brief moments he got to enjoy the feel of his cousin’s body — especially her breasts pressing into his chest. Kathy broke their embrace and began unpacking her suitcase and David sat on his bed behind her and watched her. David stared at Kathy’s ass while she bent over to unpack, then neatly fold her clothes on the bed. Kathy closed her empty suitcase and dropped it to her feet then kicked it under the bed, then turned around towards David who was still staring blankly at her.

“That wasn’t my best side ya know.” Kathy said with a grin.

“Huh?” David said confused.

“You were staring at my ass. It’s not my best side — this is.” she said and cupped her breasts in her hands.

David got flustured and embarrassed again and stammerd “I… I wasn’t staring. I was just…”

Kathy interrupted him by calling his name. David became silent and looked at his cousin as she sat down next to him on his bed facing him. She placed her hand on his thigh and smiled at him.

“David.” she said firmly, looking into his blue eyes “You and I have got to come to an understanding here. You’ve got to realize that I don’t mind you looking at me. You’re a normal, horny, young man. I’m flattered, to tell you the truth. It feels really naughty knowing I make my little cousin horny.”

Kathy winked, and David tried his best to smile, despite his embarrassment, yet he still couldn’t help but glance down at his cousin’s braless breasts. Her hard nipples had begun showing through the thin cotton and David felt his cock getting hard again.

Kathy interrupted the sexually charged silence by asking “Why is it so quiet downstairs — you shove a sock in Dad’s mouth?”

David have a deep laugh and said “No, but that is a good idea. They’ve all gone out to dinner.”

“So we’ve got the house to ourselves?” Kathy asked.

“Ya.” David said.

“Feel like being bad?” Kathy asked running her finger down her cousin’s chest.

“What do you mean?” David said nervously.

Kathy held her cousin’s hands in hers. She stood up and placed them on her hips firmly, then planted her own on his shoulders and smiled. She took a step closer to him sitting on the bed till she was between his knees.

“David, I’m not a tease. Touch me. It’s ok.” she said as she caressed his shoulders.

David tentatively slid his hands over his cousins hips then slowly moved them around to cup her firm ass then held them there, waiting for resistance. Kathy moaned softly and slid her hands down David’s back. Kathy watched the expression on her cousin’s face and saw a wide smile form. She leaned back slightly and looked down at him.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“It’s nice. Very nice.” David said and gave it a squeeze with both hands.

“While I’m here, it’s all yours, David.” she said and gave him a wink.

David smiled and slid his hand over Kathy’s firm round ass then down the backs of her thighs as he caressed his cousin. She continued rubbing his shoulders and back, enjoying the feeling of his hands on her. He leaned towards him and David cupped her ass again and gave it a hard squeeze. His hand slipped down and he pushed and ran his fingers over her pussy through his jeans. Kathy moaned and stood up again, surprised.

“Want to play with more than my ass, huh?” she said with a smile.

David never said a word, but Kathy reached back and took his right hand in hers and placed it between her legs. She pressed down on his fingers, causing them to rub her now wet pussy through her jeans. The sound of a car coming into the yard started the cousins and Kathy jumped back.

“Shit, they’re back already?!” she said “Tell them I’m in the shower.”

She ran towards the bathroom and David stood up and adjusted the bulge in his jeans and went downstairs. He found his mother in the livingroom picking something off of the coffee table.

“We had to come back because I forget my purse. We’ll be back in a couple of hours, okay? Where’s Kathy?” she said.

“She’s taking a shower.” David calmly said.

“Okay, well there’s stuff in the fridge if you guys get hungry. Tell her to help herself,” his mother said “and, David, be nice to your cousin while she’s here. It’s only a couple of weeks then you’ll have your room to yourself again.”

“Sure thing, Mom. I will.” he said with a smile.

David walked his mother out to the kitchen and watched as the car left, then went back up to his room. He heard the shower running as he walked by the bathroom and felt his cock twitch at the thought of his cousin standing naked on the other side of the door running her soapy hands over her sexy body. He went into his room and turned his computer on to check his e-mail. A while later he heard the shower being turned off and shortly after that Kathy walked in to the room with only a towel wrapped around her holding the clothes she’d had on earlier. She threw the clothes on the bed and stared at the back of Keith’s head as he deleted the spam in his mailbox.

“Mom forgot her purse so they had to come back for it then left again.” he said as he typed and clicked.

Moments later he heard his cousin chuckling to herself and he turned his chair around to face her. Kathy was sitting on the bed still wrapped in a towel with her hands on either sides of her thighs smiling at him.

“What’s so funny?” he said defensively.

“You. You’re such a gentleman. David, you can look at me. It’s ok. I’m not Medusa.” she said laughing.

David blushed, but smiled in spite of his nervousness, then watched as Kathy slowly undid the towel that was wrapped around her. She carefully opened one side of it to expose her right breast to David. Her skin was still shimmering wet, and her pink nipple was very hard — almost has hard as David’s cock had become.

“Want to see the other one?” she cooed.

David nodded and smiled as he stared.

“Then you’re just going to have to make me.” Kathy pouted and said defiantly as she closed the towel around herself.

Perplexed for a moment, David rose from his seat and walked over to his cousin and grasped her hands which were clutching the towel and pulled on them. He felt Kathy resisting his tug, but he pulled harder until her towel opened. She let go of it and it fell onto the bed around her lap. David stared at his cousin’s exposed body and inhaled sharply and smiled. Kathy stared at the bulge in her cousin’s tight jeans and ran a hand up his thigh and over his crotch, squeezing it gently. David moaned and shuddered.

“Got a present for me here cuz?” she said grinning at him.

David blushed deeply as Kathy rubbed his hard cock through his jeans and toyed with the button.

“Can I play with it, David?” she said.

Surprised, David nodded, and Kathy unbuttoned his jeans then unzipped them and pulled them down towards his knees. David’s hard cock sprang up and Kathy gasped and ran her hands up her cousin’s thighs and stroked his balls, cupping them in her hands, feeling their weight. She looked up at him and smiled then ran her soft hand over his twitching cock and slowly stroked it. She noticed a drop of pre-cum running from his slit and ran her thumb over it, smearing it around the head as she stroked him. David moaned and braced himself on her shoulders and watched as she played with him. He jumped when he felt the tip of her tongue run over his slit and her warm wet mouth wrap around his hard cock. Holding the base of his cock in her fist Kathy slid her wet mouth down her cousin’s cock, sucking hard as she went. Kathy squeezed the base of David’s cock harder and wrapped her lips tighter around it and moved her head faster. She could feel her cousin’s hands leave her shoulders and glide through her hair as he held on to her head. She heard him moan and knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. Kathy sucked harder and bobbed her head faster up nd down on her cousin’s cock till she heard him gasp and cry out. She plunged her mouth all the way down on his cock and felt him thicken even more and twitching against her lips as he shot a hot load of cum down her throat as he cried out softly.

David slowly released his grip on his cousin and backed away once she’d released him from her mouth. “Sorry.” he said embarrassed.

“For what?” Kathy said surprised.

“I was sort of…ummm… quick.” he said embarassed.

“Oh, David,” she said holding his hand gently “that’s ok. I take it as a complaiment that I can make you cum so quickly. You really liked it then?”

David chuckled as he pulled his pants and underwear back up around his waist. “Are you kidding?! It was great!” he said.

Kathy wiped her mouth off on her towel and leaned back on the bed as she watched David pulling his clothes back on. Her nipples were very hand and she brushed a finger over one and ran her hand down over her stomach. David watched her as she began sifting through her clothes looking for something to wear. She found a pair of shorts then turned to David holding a tanktop in each hand.

“Which one should I wear.” she asked smiling.

David stared at his half-dressed cousin then at each top, finally saying “The light blue one. Your boobs will look great in it.” with a grin.

“I thought you might pick that one.” she said as she pulled it over her head, then ran her fingers through her hair. “We’d better get downstairs before they get back and wonder what we’ve been doing up here all this time.”

David nodded and shut down his computer. He followed his cousin downstairs, reaching out to give her ass a squeeze as she walked ahead of him. She giggled and ran ahead of him into the livingroom and plopped down on the couch. David turned the tv on and sat down beside her. He couldn’t quite believe his luck over what had happened upstairs as he ran his eyes over her sexy body and smiled.

“What?” she said with a smile as she watched him staring.

“You. You’re so damn hot!” David said as his eyes moved over her.

Kathy smiled warmly at him and turned and laid on her back with her head resting in David’s lap. She reached up and grabbed his hands and wrapped his arms around her, pulling them up until they cradled her full breasts. Closing her eyes she smiled and gave a contented sigh. David moved his hands and cupped Kathy’s breasts, feeling her nipples harden, and began playing with them. The cousins remained like that for close to an hour –cuddling on the couch, seldom talking, while David’s hands roamed over Kathy. She loved the feeling of him playing with her, and the idea of getting felt-up by her cousin made it even more exciting. Soon her pussy began getting wet, so wet that after a half hour she was sure she was going to leave a wet spot on the couch. David jumped as he heard his uncle’s car come in the driveway. Kathy got up and ran her fingers through her hair and sat towards the opposite end of the couch. David looked over at her and smiled. Her nipples were prominately poking out of her tanktop and she had a faw-away look in her eye.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“Horny.” David said laughing.

Soon they heard the back door opening and the boisterous voice of Kathy’s father as their parents entered the house. Brian Richards called out for his son, wondering where he was, and David beckoned him into the livingroom where he and Kathy sat, pretending to be watching a game show on television. David watched as his father walked into the room and stared at Kathy sitting next to him.

“So I see you’ve decided to make an appearance.” he said to her “Come give your uncle a hug!”

Kathy got up off the couch and met her uncle in the middle of the livingroom and put her arms around him. David watched as her heavy breasts moved as she walked, then was shocked to see his father’s hand sliding up Kathy’s side as he hugged her — his fingertips slid along the side of Kathy’s left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. David turned away quickly before his father caught him looking and smiled at his aunt.

“Did you guys have a nice supper?” he asked her.

“It was wonderful.” she said as she sat down “I’m stuffed.”

Kathy rejoined her cousin on the couch as her father began telling her what a great meal she’d missed. David shot a sideways glance at Kathy and smiled as he stared at her nipples poking through her top. David’s thought’s were elsewhere as he and Kathy’s parents talked for the next hour about all sorts of things. He still couldn’t believe he’d seen his father feeling Kathy’s breast; but he had. David was jolted from his thoughts by Kathy getting up and streaching and announcing that she was tired from the trip and the long day and she was going to bed. David desperately wanted to follow right behind her, but realized it might seem suspicious, so he remained with everyone in the livingroom for close to another hour — desperately trying to make conversation with them — then said that he too should be getting to bed.

When David entered his room it was dark, feeling dissapointed that Kathy had already fallen asleep he quietly began getting undressed. As he was pulling his t-shirt off the light on the nightstand between the beds came on and Kathy sat up, smiling at him.

“Jesus, you scared the shit outta me!” he said as he looked at her sitting there, now wearing an over-sized pajama top.

“SShhhh…!” she said raising a finger to her purced lips “Don’t let them hear you.”

David walked over to the door and laid his t-shirt along the floor so the light wouldn’t shine through the crack at the bottom of the door, then went and sat next to his cousin on the bed. She sat up straighter and let the blanket fall around her lap. David thought how pretty she looked with only the glow from the small lamp hitting her and he smiled as he stared into her eyes.

“Ummm… Kathy… did I see dad cop a feel when he hugged you tonight?” he said slowly.

“Ya, can you believe it?!” she said in a hushed tone “I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt him squeeze my boob.”

“Do you think maybe it was an accident?” he asked.

“No. No way — he gave it a good feel — and I could feel his hard-on pressing against me. Like father — like son.” she said with a smirk.

“What are you going to do about it?” David asked, afraid that Kathy was going to get his father in trouble.

“Nothing. I don’t care. If Uncle Brian wants to feel my boobs a little I’ll let him. Actually, it sort of turned me on.” she said smirking.

David’s eyes ran over his cousin sitting next to him in the bed and smiled, remembering what had happened earlier while their parents were at the restaurant.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing.” David said, staring at her “Damn, you’re pretty!”

“You really think so?” she said, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“Ya!” David said, raising his voice.

“I thought you just liked these.” his cousin said, cupping her breasts briefly.

“I do, a lot. But, Kathy, you’re so pretty!” her cousin said smiling as he stared into her brown eyes.

“You’re so sweet, David!” she said reaching up to give him a hug.

David felt his cousin’s arms wrap around him and her hands slide over his back as she hugged him. He pulled her close, feeling her breasts pressed into his chest, and kissed her cheek.

“What was that for?” she said surprised.

Suddenly feeling shy, David said “For you.”

Kathy smiled at her cousin and pulled the sheet back and slid over some, patting the bed next to her.

“Come on, get in.” she said.

David began sliding into the bed next to his cousin, but she stopped him.

“No pants allowed, David. Take those off.” she said with a smile.

David stood up and undid his jeans then slid them off. His cock was half hard from staring at his cousin, and she noticed it bulging out of his underwear and smiled. He slid into bed next to her and she pulled the covers over them, and turned and wrapped an arm around his waist. Once again David felt Kathy’s breasts pressing against him, and he felt himself getting harder. He slid his hands over her back and pulled her closer to him, inhaling deep as he caught a scent of her shampoo. The cousins stayed like that for several minutes, not talking, until Kathy broke the silence.

“This is so nice.” she said in a soft voice, almost whispering in David’s ear.

“Ya, it is.” he said, caressing her back.

“Are you… hard?” she asked, afraid that her question might embarass her cousin.

“Ya.” was all that David said as he looked at her.

Kathy leaned back from her cousin and unbuttoned her pajama top and opened it completely, then leaned against him again, pressing her naked body into his. David slid his hand under her top and felt the smooth skin of her back and inhaled deeply and moaned.

“You feel so good, Kath.” he said slowly.

“Pull your underwear down for me, David.” she said as she ran her hand down over his belly.

David shifted and brought his arm from around his cousin and reached down and hauled his underwear down past his knees. For quite some time he had felt uncomfortable with his hard cock held inside them, and it felt good to have it free. Kathy looked down and immediately noticed the tent in the sheets caused by her cousin’s cock and she slowly slid her hand down his belly towards it.

“Can I play with it, David.” she asked as her fingers ran through his pubic hair.

“Ya, sure.” he said, barely loud enough for her to hear.

Kathy gently ran her fingertips over her cousin’s cock down to his balls and cupped them in her hands. She caressed them then ran her hand up along the underside of David’s shaft, teasing the head with her fingertips. She wrapped her slender hand around her cousin’s cock, feeling it throb, then slowly began stroking it.

“That feels so good.” he said as he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her tight against him.

Kathy pressed herself tighter against her cousin and gripped his cock harder as she stroked it. David lay there staring into her eyes as she played with him, not saying a word, only moaning slightly and breathing heavy. A few minutes later Kathy felt her cousin’s cock grow thicker as he moaned and raised off the bed. She almost immediately felt his thick hot cum running down the back of her hand as she continued to stroke him as he orgasamed. As she felt him getting soft she released her grip on him and ran her hand accross his stomach. She felt it heave as his breathing went back to normal.

Kathy leaned over and kissed her cousin’s cheek. “How was that?” she said, smiling.

“Wonderful.” David said as he caught his breath and rolled over to face her.

Kathy pulled the sheet down over her cousin’s belly and began wiping his cum off him with her pajama top. “We better clean you up some so this doesn’t get all over the sheet.” she said with a smile.

David watched as his cousin wiped off his belly. He looked down at her slender hand then up her arm to her breasts. Her nipples were very hard and he stared at them as they swayed with the movements of her arm. David reached up and cupped Kathy’s right breast him his hand and gently squeezed it. She smiled down at him as she rested her hand on his stomach then leaned over him and lowered her nipple towards his mouth. David ran his tongue around the aerola then wrapped his lips around the nipple and sucked as he continued to squeeze her breast.

“That feels so good, David.” she said as she ran a hand through his hair.

David brought his mouth off of his cousin’s breast and pinched her other nipple between his lips and sucked. Kathy grabbed a fistful of his hair and brought his head closer to him, urging him to suck harder. David squeezed both of his cousin’s breasts in his hands and continued to suck and lick her nipples. Kathy layed down on the bed next to David and he leaned over her and continued to fondle and suck on her breasts while she ran her hands over his back and through his hair. After a while she looked up at him and called his name, causing him to stop what he’d been doing.

“You should be getting back to your bed and get some sleep before we get caught.” she said, frowning.

“I know.” David said, although he would have rather spent the night with his cousin.

“I’m going to be here for a while. We’ll have plenty of chances to have fun” she said smiling.

David smiled at his cousin and reluctantly got out of her bed and slipped into his own, looking over at her lying there facing him.

“Don’t worry, David, we’ll have plenty of other chances to have fun.” she said “Sweet dreams, cuz.”

“Sweet dreams.” David said as he pulled the cover over him and closed his eyes.

“You too, cuz. Get some sleep. We’ll have more fun tomorrow, and tomorrow, and…” Kathy said giggling as she closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to overtake her.

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