Daughter Offers Sex To Dad For Drug Money

My daughter Cathleen had just turned 18 and I was contemplating her life the day after. She had been a good student and cheerleader. She had always been helpful around the house too. Though a few months before her birthday I noticed she was acting different: she wasn’t looking me in the eye as much when she spoke, she stopped talking to my wife and me about her life, I rarely even saw her around the house, she was also losing weight when she didn’t really need to. I wasn’t sure what to make of it all at first. I was worried about her, but nothing would have prepared me for what she did that Saturday.

My wife was out with her sister and my son was away at college. My daughter came running down the stairs dressed in a pair of white short shorts with the word ‘CHEER!’ written across her butt, and a skintight matching belly shirt with the same word written across her chest. I have to admit that I had been sexually fantasizing about Cathleen for a couple of years prior to this, so the skimpy white clothing was a nice treat. She ran around the couch and stood right in front of me.

She spoke quickly and seemed a little rushed, “Hey daddy, do you like my outfit? I’m gonna wear it to the tryouts in college.”

She spun as slowly as her speedy mind set would allow her, and invited me to view her beautiful petite body. I could tell she had nothing on under her new little outfit and I loved it. Cathleen’s mother is a small Jewish woman, while I am half Italian and half Polish. The mixture created a beautiful innocent looking young woman. My daughter was only 5’2″ tall, so the ten pounds she lost over the past couple months really made a difference in her appearance. Her long straight dark hair spread out around her pretty face as she spun. A small slice of each butt cheek was just barely visible, but her ass had lost a lot of its sexy, meaty bounce. Her ass was never round or voluptuous, but it did have a little more substance before she lost the weight. Her hips were narrow and remained the same, while her waist had gotten smaller, giving her a nicer hourglass figure. Her whole body looked leaner; in some ways I liked it and in others I didn’t. Her tits were about the only thing that didn’t change. She was a B cup, which looked large on her tiny frame.

“The outfit looks great honey, but your getting so skinny lately.”

She was happy with what I said, “Thanks daddy. I’m down to Ninety-five pounds, and I want to lose five more.”

“Well I think you should gain five more!” I was honest.

She tried to explain, “Remember daddy, the lighter I am, the higher I can be thrown. The higher I get thrown the better my chances of making the college team.

I noticed the pupils on her big beautiful brown eyes were dilated, so I asked with concern, “Honey are you all right?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Why?”

“Well you’re running around here and talking really fast. Your eyes look dilated too. It’s not like you.”

She responded logically, “Too much coffee this morning I guess.”

I was naive and I believed her, “Sit down and relax a little bit then. I didn’t know caffeine could do all that.”

“Ok daddy. Actually, I wanted to ask you something anyway. I wanted to borrow some money.”

I should also admit that I spoiled my only daughter, “Sure honey, are you going to a club or something tonight?”

She spoke hesitantly, “Um… No actually… I need a thousand dollars.”

I was in disbelief, “What! Why?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you daddy. I promised Jena that I wouldn’t tell you.”

“That’s too much! Especially since I don’t know what it’s for.”

She leaned into me and hugged me, “Please Daddy! Its really important.”

The warmth of her body melted me, “I don’t think so honey, its just too much.”

The actions she took next were totally unexpected and stopped me in my tracks. Today I wish my wife and son were home that day, but at the time I was glad they weren’t.

She continued to beg as she placed her delicate little hand over my crotch and squeezed, “Please! I’ll do anything daddy.”

I was frozen and at a loss for words. For the past two years I had been playing out fantasies similar to this in my head, but I never expected it to come true. My body coursed with adrenalin and my cock immediately began to get hard as Cathleen squeezed it.

I tried to be the good father when I was finally able to speak, “Honey this is totally inappropriate. Not to mention your mother too.”

“Daddy, I’m not stupid and I’m no virgin either. I’ve seen the way you look at me when mom isn’t around.”

I responded, “If we do this it will change our relationship for the rest of our lives.”

I didn’t stop Cathleen from rubbing my cock through my pants, and by that point I was throbbing at full potential up into her hand. I knew it was only a matter of time, and the more time I spent battling with my conscience, the less time I had to escape the situation.

Her voice became softer and higher pitched, while she spoke in a flirtatious and seductive manner, “C’mon daddy, I know you want it and I need the money. Mom will never find out and I promise that things will only get better between us after this.”

My hormones got the better of me, and I put my hand high on her thigh. Her leg was firm yet her skin was so soft and smooth. My hand could wrap more than half way around the thickest part of her thin little leg. She understood my gesture and without speaking a word she unzipped my pants to release my hot throbbing cock. Cathleen got down on her knees in front of me between my legs. She held my cock in her hand and looked at it for just a second, then she took it right into her throat with one gulp. I knew that she had plenty of experience as she was deep throating me like a pro. Every time her face came down, I could feel her slippery throat open up around the head of my cock. She was supporting herself with both hands, as she tried to increase her speed and force the last inch of my cock down her throat despite making herself gag. Finally she slowed her pace and tried to catch her breath through her nose.

As I ran my hands through her silky dark hair, I asked, “Have you ever charged money before?”

She shook her head no without skipping a beat on my cock. I then grabbed her hair in my hand and applied some downward force to the back of her head. Not much at first, but when I noticed that she wasn’t resisting I pushed her down harder and harder. When her nose was eventually pressed tightly against my lower abs, I held it there for quite a while. She wasn’t resisting, and I could feel her throat trying to gag around my cock. Finally I felt her push against my hand as it held her down. I let her up right away, and she gagged violently and almost spit up.

“So if its one thousand for this great blow job, how much will it cost to see you nude?”

She responded, “Don’t be silly daddy, I’m gonna fuck you.”

I was so happy, “Oh god yes! Well then you better move along before I finish in your throat honey.”

I was in a bit of shock as I finally realized what was happening. Cathleen quickly removed her tiny shorts and shirt. Her small pussy was freshly shaven and very smooth to the touch. I could also see that she was already sopping wet. Her areolas were a light pink and about an inch and a half in diameter. Her pink nipples stuck out like little pencil erasers. I too removed my clothing. I ran my hands over her tight little body as she mounted me, trying to preserve in my memory the way it all felt. Her skin was so soft and smooth I nearly blew before penetration. We were both breathing heavily from sexual arousal and the excitement of our sin. Finally she lowered herself onto me and my cock slipped effortlessly all the way in. My daughters tight velvety sheath caused pleasure throughout my whole body. I nestled my face between her young firm perky B cups and ran my hands up and down her tiny little waist. It had been several years since I felt a pussy around my cock and I knew I wouldn’t last long. Cathleen began humping me on the couch. Within seconds I was holding her waist and lifting her up and down on me. Heavy breathing and bodies slapping were the only sounds.

After about two minutes, I pulled her close to me so her breasts pressed firmly against my chest, and I announced in a ragged whisper, “I want to cum inside you.”

She responded in a soft sensual whisper, “Yeah daddy, do it!”

I moaned softly as I filled my daughter’s lithe body with stream after stream of hot fertile incest cum. She rubbed her hands through my hair and whispered softly in my ear while I was cumming.

“Cum for me daddy! Cum for me!”

Cathleen didn’t stop right away. She continued to slowly fuck me until my cock was too limp to stay in. My goo had begun to leak out and drip down my cock and balls. When I finally slipped out, she continued to rub her pussy against my ever softening cock, causing a slimy mess of fluids all over our genitals.

I had to appologise,”I’m sorry I finished so quickly.”

She got up off of me and began to get dressed as she responded, “It’s ok. I’m happy you did.”

I was a little upset that she was getting dressed so quickly, “Honey what about you, don’t you want me to finish you off?”

“Maybe some other time daddy, I’d rather you get me that money now.”

“Ok, my bank closes soon so we better hurry. Do you really mean it when you say ‘some other time’?”

My daughter leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips then said, “Of course, but you still have to pay for it.”

I smiled widely and got dressed.

She asked, “Could you drop me at Jena’s house after we go to the bank?”

“Yeah sure. I just have one question though.”

She seemed to tense up a little, “What?”

“Are you on birth control?”

She relaxed, “No. Why?”

“Because I shot inside you.”

“Oh daddy, relax! My period just ended a few days ago. I won’t get pregnant.”

There was a pause in our conversation, as I grabbed the car keys, and we walked out the front door.

Then Cathleen said one last thing before we got in the car, “Besides daddy, I know that deep down in your gut you want to make me pregnant, don’t you?

I nodded to her with a wide eyed sinister smile from across the car and she continued to speak, “See daddy I know you better than you think. If I don’t make the cheerleading team in college, maybe I’ll let you cum in me when I’m fertile. I know that would be really exciting for you.”

When we got to the bank, I gave my daughter double what she asked for.

When she questioned me I said, “I was rough on you, and I loved it, just think of it as a Tip.”

She finally accepted the extra money and I drove to Jena’s house. We were quiet all the way to Jena’s house. We said our goodbyes like a normal father and daughter, then Cathleen got out of the car. I watched as she rang the bell and Jena answered. She waved to me one last time before she walked into Jena’s house.

Unfortunately that was the last time I saw my daughter alive. My daughter and Jena both died from a cocain overdose that night. Apparently they used the money I gave her to buy the drugs. I never told my wife, but my psychiatrist knows all about it. I eventually got a divorce and I am currently on a multitude of drugs to keep me out of depression. Luckily, I still see my son from time to time. His respect for me keeps me from killing myself. It’s a funny world we live in, is it not.

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