Daughter Seduces Step Dad At The Lake

Christie was frustrated. She had worked long and hard throughout school to earn high grades and get accepted into an Ivy League school. Her acceptance letter to Penn had arrived about a month ago, just after her 18th birthday, and she had been extremely excited, but then the realization hit her that she would have to pay for it.

She had spent a few weeks attempting to piece together the funding and was barely halfway where she needed to be. She knew that she had to come up with something quickly or else her dream would fade away.

As the deadline to commit approached, she realized exactly how much she wanted the funding and how desperate she was to get it. She had obviously asked her parents for the money, but they had only agreed to pay a small portion of the bill. She knew that her mother was not the problem, but that her stepdad William was. William had gone on and on about how his not funding her college would teach her valuable life lessons and such, but Christie suspected that this speech was to cover up that he didn’t want to pay for her education. She knew that he had the money and that he had paid much more for her stepsister’s school.

With time running out, her desperation drove her toward a plan that she never thought she would consider.

Her family was planning a weekend in a cabin by a lake in a couple of weeks to celebrate the arrival of spring and attend the state park’s annual Earth Day concert, so she moved pretty quickly implementing her plan. She knew that he would never willingly choose to make a serious move on her, but she also knew that he was a man and that she was an eighteen year old beauty with a killer body. It would take deliberate, measured steps, but she was confident that she could eventually break him.

She began slowly ramping up the teasing of William. Nothing extravagant of course, he was far too proper for that (at least for now.) She simply started wearing shorter and sexier clothes around the house, and she always had her hair and makeup perfect. She had noticed him peeking at her from time to time, so part one of the plan was to give him more and more opportunities to peek.

She would lounge in the family room watching television, pretending not to notice that her skirt had been pushed up revealing practically all of her thighs. Usually, just one or two extra buttons on her blouses remained unbuttoned, allowing nice views of her ample cleavage.

She asked William to spot her as she lifted weights in the basement, wearing cute tank tops and short shorts. During these workouts, she began her manipulation. She would coax him into going above and beyond what he usually did in his workouts, and when he couldn’t continue, she would tease him, nothing too bad, just enough to begin tilting the balance in their relationship her way.

After a few days of this, and after she had been a tease all day, she allowed William to bump into her while he was fully erect.

She immediately stopped and looked directly at the front of his shorts. He began apologizing, embarrassed beyond belief, but Christie carefully took charge of the conversation by placing her finger on his lips and saying “Shhh, it’s okay; it’ll be our secret. “

As his face reddened, she added, almost as an afterthought, “It’s actually quite a nice size, William, not like mom describes at all.”

“What?” he asked puzzled.

“Oh nothing, William,” Christie answered, “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Did she say something?” he asked again.

“Well, I’m sure it’s not a big deal, but she said something about your performance being off lately,” Christie told him.

She suspected this would unnerve him, as he was in his 40’s and his performance probably was slipping, even though her mother had never said anything.

As William searched for words, Christie continued, “Look, don’t say I said anything, but she is really expecting a lot from you this weekend at the cabin; you should probably just restrain yourself from any pleasure with her or with yourself until we go to the cabin, then, you’ll be fully loaded for her. Maybe you should take some Viagra or something to be really ready, but don’t say anything, just surprise her.”

As she turned and left, she knew that William would do what she suggested.

Later that afternoon, she mentioned to her mom that she may not go to the cabin after all.

“Why not, Christie?” her mother asked, “I thought you were looking forward to it.”

“I was,” she answered, “But I don’t think William wants me to come.”

“What?” Her mother replied, “That doesn’t sound like him.”

“I don’t want to say.” Christie said.

“You can tell me, Christie, I won’t say anything,” Her mother continued.

“You promise you won’t say anything?” Christie asked.

“Of course, dear,” her mom assured her.

“Well, I heard him talking to a friend of his on the phone, and he was talking about just wanting to have sex with you all weekend. I really don’t want to be around for that.” Christie convincingly told her lie.

Her mother began to blush, and Christie told her that she would come to the cabin with them if she promised that she wouldn’t have sex with William that weekend.

“I just don’t want to walk in on my mom and stepdad,” she concluded.

“It’ll be fine, dear,” her mother assured her,” I can control him for a weekend; he’ll just have to wait until we get back.”

Christie thanked her mother and went off to pack.

Several days later they got up bright and early to drive to the cabin. They left early, and Christie graciously offered to let her mother ride in the back of the car where she could stretch out across the seat and sleep a little. This put Christie in the front passenger seat next to William, allowing her to give him quick, subtle views that appeared innocent but were enough to keep his attention on her. She would shift her legs, adjust her shorts, even at one point pretending to fall asleep with her head on his shoulder, giving him a really nice view down her shirt for a few minutes.

As they approached the cabin, Christie announced that she couldn’t wait to get some sun by the lake as soon as they got there.

William agreed, but he was shocked as Christie pulled out a bottle of suntan oil and began slowly rubbing it onto her legs. It was the best he could do to keep the car on the road as she oiled her legs one by one.

When she was done, she noticed that William was forcing himself to look straight ahead, though she knew he had been watching her show just seconds before. Rather than say anything, she pretended not to notice and began unbuttoning her blouse. She almost chuckled as she could see William trying to watch without directly looking at her. She dropped her shirt off and said that she really loved her new bikini top.

William looked over and said. “Yes, it’s very nice.” It was obvious, though, that his eyes were scanning her body and legs much more than they were her bikini top.

Before his eyes returned to the road, she allowed him to see her drip some tanning oil across her chest, which she began to rub. William badly wanted to watch, but he had to drive for a few more minutes.

Upon reaching the cabin, Christie stuck around and helped as her mother and William unpacked the car. She knew that William couldn’t stand this, as he could barely take his eyes off of her, but Christie knew that if she left him and her mother alone that he would begin angling for sex, and she wasn’t confidant that her mother would hold him off. Thus, Christie stuck around the entire day.

The next day was more of the same; William received subtle teasing by Christie, which came across as accidental, while Christie kept finding reasons to be beside her mother most of the day. A couple of times William had tried to go to the cabin alone, to nap, he said, but each time, Christie agreed that she could use some rest too, and she had also returned to the cabin and lounged on her bed reading her on her iPad as William tried to rest. She wasn’t stupid and knew that if William could manage a few minutes of time to himself, then he could jack off, and her plan depended on him being tremendously excited and frustrated.

That night was the outdoor Earth Day concert where everyone set up picnic areas outside to listen to several bands, and Christie was dressed in a short, sexy sundress that got lots of attention. She was able to pick a spot on a crowded hill for her and her parents to set up that forced her to be right up against William the whole night. William knew that he shouldn’t be having lustful thoughts about his stepdaughter, but he thought it would be awkward to move out of her proximity; plus, he was really enjoying being this turned on.

After the concert, Christie made sure that they all got back to the cabin at the same time and encouraged her mother to go to bed immediately. This, of course, put William off for another night.

The next morning the plan went into full gear.

Christie’s mother was already up and cooking breakfast, so Christie entered the room and, through a couple of backhanded compliments, had caused her mother to begin to believe that he was putting on weight. Slyly, Christie guided her to the false realization that something must be wrong because William hadn’t tried to sleep with her on the trip. Her mother didn’t put together that Christie hadn’t left them alone.

Once this was firmly ingrained in her mother’s mind, it was fairly simple for Christie to convince her mom to go work out while Christie finished up breakfast. Christie, ever the loving daughter, showed her mom on a handheld map of the property where the workout room was located and how it was a beautiful, 30-45 minute walk around the lake to get there.

“You’ll be back in a couple of hours and feel great!” she told her mom. “Here, borrow my iPad and read while you’re working out; that makes the time go faster.”

“Thanks, dear, I think I will, if you really don’t mind me going,” her mother answered.

“Of course not, I’ve got lots to do,” Christie stated.

As her mother disappeared down the path with her workout gear, Christie began to prepare. She was in and out of the shower in about three minutes and began getting dressed. She put on a white silk merry widow with white stockings and a garter belt. Her lovely auburn hair fell down just below her shoulders and, still slightly wet, had a very sexy look. She added a robe to cover up and carried a small bag with her back into the sleeping area of the cabin.

William was still sleeping in one of the old wooden beds.

Christie silently moved beside his bed, set her iPhone on the bedside table and removed four pair of soft but strong handcuffs from the bag she brought into the room. She quickly attached one to each of the bedposts and began to attach them one by one to William. First she gently slipped each of his ankles into one, then one of his arms. His final arm was pulled down, so, since the other three were secured, she boldly just pulled his wrist up above his head and snapped the last cuff shut as he came to.

He blinked his eyes a couple of times and soon they focused on a pretty Christie smiling at him. He began to smile but instantly recognized that he couldn’t move his arms or legs.

“What the hell?” he exclaimed.

Christie just smiled and moved from one corner post to the next, tightening the restraints so that he could barely move.

“I thought we should talk,” Christie said as she sat down next to his bed.

“What? Fuck that! Let me up now.” He exclaimed. “Carla!” He yelled for his wife.

Christie smiled sympathetically at him and calmly stated, “She isn’t here, and she can’t hear you.”

He looked at her as she continued, “Besides, you don’t really want her here anyway, do you?”

“Of course, she’s my wife; where is she?” he asked.

“Oh, she’s fine, William,” she answered as she picked up her iPhone and showed it to him.

The screen showed a map of the campground and on it a small dot moved around the screen. Christie explained that her mother had gone to work out and that she had loaned her the iPad which she could track with the “Find My IPad” app.

“We’ll know exactly where she is at all times, Daddy.” Christie teased.

“Christie, I don’t know what you’re up to, but this isn’t right.” He said.

“Are you sure, Daddy? I think someone likes it.” She teased some more.

With that she began slowly stroking his cock which was raging from his going without for a week and then being teased for two days. She fully removed the covers and he was now spread eagled on the bed in only his boxers and a t-shirt that he had been sleeping in.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, I think he likes me,” she exclaimed in her little girl voice as she kept stroking through his boxers.

As she slowly stroked with her right hand, her left began slowly untying the front of her robe.

William noticed this and said, “Christie, no, this isn’t right.”

As she kept untying, he closed his eyes and pouted like a little boy.

“I won’t look,” he exclaimed.

“Yes, you will, daddy,” she laughed, “You know deep down you want to, but you can try to hold out for a while if you’d like.”

“I’ll just describe it, if you keep your eyes closed,” she calmly stated. “I’m pulling the sash away from robe now. It’s silky and feels wonderful. Now I’m dropping the robe off of me. I’m moving my hand away from your cock for a second to get the robe off, but don’t worry, it’ll be right back.”

She stopped touching him, stood up and removed the robe, and continued, “You’re such a good little boy. I really thought you would peek at me during that, but you didn’t. Too bad, really, I’m just here now in white lingerie and stockings.”

She moved onto the bed next to him and eased her legs next to his.

“Doesn’t that feel nice baby?” she asked, and she could have sworn she heard a whimper.

As a tearing sound was heard in the cabin, William’s eyes opened immediately as he tried to figure out what had happened. He didn’t know what to think as his eyes took in his Playboy-perfect stepdaughter in the sexiest lingerie that he had ever seen and holding a pair of scissors.

Christie noticed him looking at the scissors and smiled, “Sorry, Daddy, but there is no other way to remove these pesky boxers and your t-shirt once you’re,” she paused, “Oh, helpless is a good word, isn’t it?”

She noticed a twitch in his cock when she mentioned the word helpless and knew that she had won.

Following a few fast cuts, he was nude and Christie was very slowly stroking.

William began to turn away, but Christie said, “William, we’re past that point, aren’t we? I mean, you’ve already seen everything.”

He turned back in time to see Christie pull her hand away from him and slowly lick her palm and fingers before placing it back around his shaft.

“Oh my God,” he exclaimed as pure pleasure enveloped his cock. “Why are you doing this?”

Christie slid away from him, down the bed, and took a position on her stomach with her head right at his cock. Her fingers nimbly moved around his thighs as she began gently licking the underside of his cock.

“I just think we can help each other, Daddy, I know you need and want this,” she whispered back between long licks, now slowly going the length of his shaft.

“What do you want, Christie?” he asked.

She smiled to herself and, for the first time took him all the way into her mouth. She slowly pulled up off of him, looked him in the eyes and said, “We’ll get to that.”

She now sat up and positioned herself on her back, placing one of her stocking covered feet on each of his shoulders. This placed his cock on the opening of her pussy with only a thin white pair of silk panties blocking his entrance.

As William watched Christie slide her hand into her panties, he smiled, thinking that she would push them aside and let him in. He was sorely disappointed, though, as he heard a moan and realized that she had put her own fingers in and was masturbating.

“Oh Daddy,” she exclaimed passionately, “I’ve needed this all week.”

Her body quivered as she moaned and sighed and William was beside himself as his cock, still against her panties and hand felt the incredible moisture of her orgasm grow inside the panties. Just as she neared the peak, her hand grabbed his cock, and she pushed her panties aside and brought him inside her.

He wasn’t inside her for more than two or three thrusts when her orgasm exploded. He knew that he had never felt anything like that, but as he relaxed to enjoy it, he realized that he was back out of her and that he hadn’t even begun to cum, let alone finish.

“I need to finish,” he pleaded to Christie.

Having finished herself, she was back manipulating his cock with her mouth and hands and soon he was at the breaking point, oozing a steady stream of pre-cum but not actually being stroked enough to fully explode.

“Am I good at this, Daddy?” she asked.

“You’re the best,” he replied.

“Better than mommy?” she asked.

“Oh my God, there is no comparison, Christie. You do things that your mom doesn’t even know about,” he said.

“Have you wanted me for a while, Daddy?” she asked while continuing to work her magic on his cock.

She kept it up while he went on and on about how badly he wanted her; he described her body, her dresses, and even discussed how he thought about her often while fucking her mother. During his speech, Christie made a few glances at the phone, both to check her mom’s progress and to make sure that all of William’s incriminating statements were being recorded.

“What can you do for me if I let you finish, Daddy?” she asked, giggling like it was a joke.

She could feel his buildup and knew he was close because he didn’t answer her; he just stayed still and was trying to climax.

Seeing through this, she loosened her grip and began stroking slower. She was keeping him on edge but not allowing him to come.

“I said ‘what can you do for me if I let you finish, Daddy?’” she sternly asked this time.

“Anything, Christie, just please let me cum,” he said.

“Anything? Are you sure, Daddy?” She acted happier than she had ever been.

“Yes, of course, you name it,” he confirmed.

Christie picked up her phone, checked and saw that her mother was on her way back.

She showed William and said, “We need to hurry.”

Thinking she was talking about his expected orgasm, he agreed.

Christie began pushing her touchscreen with one hand and pouring suntan oil on William’s cock with the other. She then used his cock to apply sunscreen all over her tits and allowed him to begin the greatest tittie fuck he had ever had. She eased her oily boobs up and down his cock slowly at first and increased her speed as she asked William what his bank passcode was.

“What?” he asked.

She ignored his question for the moment, until she could tell he was back at the brink.

“Password, Daddy, now.” She stated. “I’m transferring money to Penn to pay for college.”

She sped up even more, “Or, I can stop, Daddy, if you want me to.” She said as she stopped momentarily and watched as he tried with all his might to keep thrusting his purple, throbbing cock into her oily chest.

“No, no, please,” he nearly cried, “The passcode is William18.”

“Thanks, Daddy,” she said as she stood up, entering the code into her iPhone. “It worked, I just performed an instant transfer to Penn. I hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and transferred enough to cover all four years.”

“Come back to me,” he said to her, but she didn’t even look over at him.

With his cock shrinking, without cumming, the realization hit him that Christie was done with him.

“You bitch,” he said, “That was half of my savings!”

“Oh, a little more than that actually; I took out enough extra for a newer car. Thanks again, Daddy.” She replied.

He started to talk, but she interrupted and held up her iPhone. “Mom is about four minutes away. I’m throwing a swimsuit on and hitting the pool. You get your ass in the shower now and get that oil off of you. If you tell her anything, and, I mean anything, other than you have had a change of heart and want to pay for my college, then I’ll edit these comments that you just made about her and play them for her.”

His eyes widened, and she realized that he didn’t know until then that she had recorded him.

“Yes, I recorded it all,” she clarified,”And if you don’t want to lose half of what you have left in divorce court, you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

He started to say something, and it occurred to her that she might have been too harsh; she thought that she should now give some carrot, not just the stick.

“Listen, William,” she said her tones back to being sweet, “Just tell her you decided to do this for my college, and she’ll be grateful. You’re a smart guy; you can parlay your generosity into great sex with her for years.”

She was now dressed and unlocking his ankles. She moved up and unlocked his arms. As they came free, William grabbed for the phone.

“Don’t be stupid, William, the stuff is recorded and kept in the cloud; I can access it from anywhere,” she explained.

As the sound of her mother opening the front door was heard, Christie pointed to the shower and William ran to it.

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