Giving Cherry To Mature Aunt

I was an introverted Nerd as a kid, very quiet and didn’t have friends outside of school time. I skipped school often and spent the time around my house naked. I’d be daydreaming of some broad just coming up to my door and I’d answer it nude and get her to come in (lol). I was still in high school after I turned 18 because I skipped too much, yada yada, and still a virgin. Never even had a date yet!

One day while I was skipping, my aunt who was staying with us temporarily after her divorce, came home early from work. I was in my room at this point humping the heck out of my pillow while reading the letters (and imagining fucking the beauties of course) pages of the chubby girl mag I’d stolen the day before. My ass was facing the door. She is a very quiet person, petite except for the large pair of coconuts filling her bra. I noticed her shadow as she entered the doorway. I quickly tried to cover up and hide the mag. ” Let me see what you’re reading “, she said!

I handed the mag to her. She took it with one hand and pulled back the sheet with the other exposing my cock. She quickly flipped through it then threw it on the bed. She asked if this is why I was home. I explained that I had a bad headache earlier and came home. She just smirked and said something about knowing which head was really hurting.

Her gaze had moved to my cock still exposed and now getting hard again. I begged her not to say anything to anyone. She ordered me to go have a shower and get back into bed if I had a headache. Embarrassed, I asked her please don’t say anything as I gathered myself up and headed for the shower. I didn’t even try to cover my still semi hard cock. She went off to her room saying nothing else.

When I was done with my shower I could hear hers was going so I toweled off and got back into bed. I was going to be good and hope she kept her mouth shut.

She came to my room again a few minutes later and was wearing her bathrobe with her towel around her hair. She commented that I couldn’t have finished myself off in the shower since it hadn’t been that long of one. I sheepishly said no.

She came over and sat beside me on the bed and slowly pulled the sheet back and asked if I wanted to go ahead and finish and that she wanted help me out. I wasn’t sure what to do but my cock did. I got hard instantly, and she saw it under my pajamas.

She placed her hand on it and smiled, looked at me and said ” I won’t tell, if you won’t tell “. I squeaked out an ” OK ” as she pulled out my hard-on and gently lowered her mouth onto it and kissed the head. At that point she stuck out her tongue and licked the opening of my cock then licked the shaft all the way down and up again before covering it with her mouth. I had only dreamed of getting my cock into a woman’s pussy, but this was fantastic.

I had jerked off many a time imagining fucking this aunt. Getting my virgin cock sucked on by her was too much to take. A couple of strokes of this was all it took and I was ready to gush into her mouth. I muttered ” oh, its time “, she removed her mouth and kept pumping my cock with her hand as I spewed like a mini volcano onto my stomach.

She kept pumping my shaft till I was done moaning then rubbed the cum into my stomach. By this time my hand had found its way between her knees and she had spread her legs and let me feel her up. When I got to her pussy, she shook and clamped her thighs together and locked my hand in there. I thought I’d done something wrong, so I apologized to which she replied ” no its ok, that felt good “.

She stood up and gathered her robe and pulled it up to her waist, exposing her beaver. I leaned over and got close saying ” that’s nice, can I see more “. I wanted to rub my face between her legs. She said I could lick her pussy. I told her I’d never done anything with a girl before. She said she figured as much, and that I was going to learn. She climbed over top of me so that her legs straddled me with her ass toward my face. She instructed me to just start by licking her pussy lips and she’d tell me how I was doing.

The sight of her pussy in front of me was a real turn on, but I wasn’t sure about her asshole that close to my face…lol.

I started licking up and down around her outer lips, happily kissing it. She took my cock into her mouth again and started moaning as she sucked it in and then out again. In response to the pleasure in my cock, I started to lick between her pussy lips and tasted her salty fluid. I wasn’t sure what to do about the taste but it didn’t matter because my cock was feeling so good I just kept on licking her.

I got my tongue deep into her and she reared herself up and that butt hole was on my nose. She then humped my mouth telling me not to stop, ” just stick your tongue out ” she said. She grabbed my hard cock and started to jerk me off as she continued to grind her pussy and ass on my virgin mouth. I stuck my tongue out as she instructed and she rubbed her pussy on it till she screamed.

Her hand left my cock again, she reached around and spread her ass cheeks. She continued to grind her pussy on my mouth, rubbing her ass hole on my nose and then she put it on my mouth and ground her ass on my mouth too. It was all very new and exciting for me and I was enjoying all of it. Hey, this nerd was finally getting pussy and nothing else mattered.

She then lowered her head onto my cock and proceeded to devour it. It wasn’t too long till I was ready to cum. This time I didn’t think to announce my arrival and gushed into her mouth. She kept on bobbing her head up and down till I had to tell her to stop because it was too intense.

She got off and turned around and lay beside me for a while. We talked while she caressed my body and got my cock hard again while I played with her coconuts. She said she’s glad she had me to have sex with but that it must never get out. I assured her that I really enjoyed having sex with her and that I had imagined us together many times. She grinned saying ” Oh really “!

I told her how exciting I found the experience and that I was even liking her bum in my face. She smiled and said she’s glad because she loves to have her bum kissed but wasn’t sure how I would react. She said she hadn’t been able to do that with anyone before. She said that she really wanted to feel someone’s mouth on her bum so she forced it by grinding her bum on my mouth. Well I told her that I would welcome her bum back anytime. After some time stroking my hard cock she said we’d better wrap things up before anyone comes home.

I mentioned that I’d really like to ” get inside ” her. She climbed on top of me again and wrapped her big tits around my hard on saying that she’ll have to get some condoms and we could do that next time.

Next time! Wow! This is heaven I thought. She pumped those tits up and down on my cock and it felt so good. She stuck her tongue out occasionally when my cock head got close to her lips. She titty fucked me till I came again. She left my room shortly after that and I fell into a deep slumber not waking till the next morning in time for school.

There was family trip to my Gramma’s planned for that very weekend. My aunt wasn’t going. I knew what I’d rather be doing. I was definitely going to have to ” study ” all weekend!

She stopped by my room on her way out to work, and I mentioned to her that I would not be going to Gramma’s that weekend. She gave my cock a quick rubbing and smiled saying ” you and me both Honey, you and me both! ”

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