Massaging My Niece

My 18 year old niece comes to stay with me to continue her studies closer to her College. One thing leads to another…

It was Amanda’s first day staying with me and she had just finished telling me about her difficulty falling asleep in a new house and strange bed. I told her I had just the recipe for a sound sleep as long as she followed it to the letter. It involved a long, hot shower, fresh sheets on her bed and a full body massage with dim lighting and soft music playing in the background. She loved the plan and immediately headed off to her bedroom to get out of her clothes.

While she was changing, I turned on the taps in the shower and adjusted the temp so it was just right. I dimmed the lights above the vanity and plumped up the fresh towels that were piled neatly by the sink. Amanda padded into the bathroom in her robe, smiling at the preparations as I moved into her bedroom. I could hear her stepping into the shower and closing the curtain.

So, with my sweet little niece in the shower getting all fresh and clean, I arranged the massage oil, the body lotion and some hand towels on her night table. I brought a candelabra from the dining room table and lit the three candles, creating the right combination of light and dimness. I turned off the ceiling light and put some soft music on her stereo. The room looked warm and inviting. Bed covers turned down…I waited patiently. I left the bedroom to give Amanda the privacy she might need to get into bed without the embarrassment of her uncle seeing her naked.

After fifteen minutes or so, my pretty little niece opened the bathroom door and slipped across the hall to her bedroom. A moment later, I gently knocked on her door and then went in with a handful of massage supplies. Amanda was lying under her covers and smiling at me, saying how nice it was to get into a freshly made bed. I arranged my supplies on her night table while she watched with eyes glistening in the candlelight.

I told her to roll over onto her stomach, which she did while I lifted the bedcovers up and folded them down to her waist. As she turned over, her firm breasts flashed at me for a split second. I caught my breath and gasped. Amanda glanced at me and smiled an innocent smile. I think she realized I had seen something and her face turned pink with what? Was it embarrassment or something else? I pulled myself together and busied myself with carefully arranging the covers over her bum.

Then, taking a bottle of lightly scented oil, I poured some in the palm of my hand and rubbed my palms together to get the oil warmed up a bit. I laid both hands on Amanda’s shoulders and began to gently massage the oil into her pale skin. She sighed as I worked the oil into the muscles of her back. As she loosened up and became more relaxed, my hands roamed all around her back and sides. I worked farther around her rib cage and felt the sides of her small breasts. I massaged her breasts for a while as I heard her breathing quicken. It was exciting. I loved the feel of her breasts…they were so firm, yet soft. I didn’t get to her nipples as they were pressed against the mattress. Nobody spoke a word. There was an electricity in the air, in the candlelight.

After thoroughly manipulating the sides of her breasts, I moved my hands down her back and massaged the muscles just above her bum. I mentioned quietly that these lower back muscles often held a lot of tension…I said many women held tension in their lower back and buttocks and it was important from time to time to have this tension massaged out, so as to prevent back problems from surfacing in later years. Amanda murmured agreement.

I massaged her lower back for several minutes and then stood up, stretched a bit and wiped my oily hands on a hand towel. I said, “Now, we do your bum and legs, sweetheart.” Again, she simply murmured agreement. I had her so relaxed, she seemed to be having difficulty even speaking clearly. I lifted the covers and folded them right down at the bottom of the bed below her feet. What an erotic sight she was to behold. I stood and stared.

Then, snapping out of my mesmerized state, I took more oil in my hands and applied it to her soft, white bum. At first, I gently ran my hands all over her ass cheeks, getting them totally coated with oil. I ran my finger tips down along the crack of her ass, getting that area all oiled up and slippery. I ran my fingers back and forth along her ass crack. With my fingers held in a line along her ass crack, I ran my lined up fingers down along the crack with first, my baby finger stopping at the anal aperture and pushing gently there…not entering, but simply applying pressure. Then I moved that finger lower in the ass crack and the next finger rested in the entrance to the anus, stopping and just feeling that place for a moment. This process repeated until finally my index finger was nestled in Amanda’s anus…again, not inside, but firmly and gently in the opening. Amanda sighed again…I couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or from shock at her uncle’s hands being where they were.

At this point, it was time for me to massage more deeply and try to work out all the knotted muscles in her butt. I grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart as I began the process of finding the knots and working them loose. I held her cheeks apart for at least a minute as I stared at her wrinkled and perfectly pink anus. Looking up at the rest of her body, laying prostrate before me, I couldn’t believe I was here touching this beautiful girl anywhere I wanted. I let her ass cheeks close as I continued massaging her butt muscles.

I squeezed and manipulated her butt cheeks for the longest time, pulling them apart and holding them separated as I ogled her erotic, wrinkled asshole. Then, I applied my index finger to her hole and massaged some oil directly around the rim and over the aperture with a repetitive motion. Amanda arched her back just a little, thrusting her ass up towards my now slick and glistening hands. I put the tip of my finger in her anus and gently pushed in to the first knuckle, twisting my finger back and forth, rotating just inside her pert bottom. Amanda took in a quick breath as my finger entered her…I couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or shock. Neither of us said a word.

With my finger held just inside her anus, I continued the massage with my other hand, squeezing and caressing her buttocks and running that free hand up her back to her neck and shoulders. All the while with my right index finger inserted in her asshole. My niece was breathing erratically now. I returned my roving hand to her butt cheeks and pulled one cheek away from centre to expose her anus to my gaze. The sight of my finger inside that sweet little anus was an incredible, almost unbelievable turn-on.

I pushed my finger in to the second knuckle. Amanda’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. I was watching her face as it was turned to the side, her eyes closed, her hair spilling over her features. I thrust my finger in as deeply as it would go and held it there as I continued to hold her left buttock away from her ass crack. She was fully open for me to drink in this hugely erotic and somewhat forbidden scene. I was so turned on, I could hardly breathe. I began sliding my finger in and out of my niece’s asshole, slowly and rhythmically. This went on for a few minutes until I felt I had overwhelmed her enough for one day and I slowly pulled my finger out of her ass and focused on her butt cheeks as before.

From there, my hands moved down to her thighs, then her calves and finally her feet and toes. Amanda was putty in my oiled up hands and although I felt I could probably have done anything I wanted to her at this point, I thought it best to give this sweet girl some time to reflect on all this and decide on her own if she wanted more.

I then took a hand towel and rubbed Amanda down from head to toe, removing as much oil as was visible on her lovely little body. I took extra time wiping the oil away from around her anus and ass crack and down between her legs at the base of her vagina. Amanda again arched her back and slightly spread her legs to give me better access to those nether regions. I tried my best to be thorough, yet discreet, not wanting to push my luck and spoil what had been a very good thing.

Once the oil was all wiped up, I picked up the bedcovers and brought them up to Amanda’s neck.

I bent down, kissed her gently on her cheek and whispered, “Sleep soundly, my sweet little girl.”

She smiled, keeping her eyes shut. I shut off her stereo, took the candelabra with me and left her room.

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