Niece Discovers More About Her Uncle

The soft seductive wail of the sax played through the car as I made my way slowly through the morning traffic. I glanced over at my niece, Carol. She was coming to spend part of the summer with me in my home in Georgia. I couldn’t help but shake my head as I looked at Carol. At 32, she had grown into a very beautiful woman. I could still remember her as the young child I had helped raise. The slow rise and fall of her full womanly breast and the way she opened and closed her thighs, squeezing them tightly together, let me know that she was being turned on by the story she was reading. I had found out purely by accident, that my niece like myself wrote erotic stories in her spare time.

I had picked up the pad that lay on her kitchen table and began to read the words. By the third sentence, I was slightly shocked. The story I was reading was about a young slut who enjoyed letting boys and men use her for their pleasure. Carol came into the room and immediately tried to grab the pad from me. “Uncle Carl! You’re not suppose to read that.” I held the pad out of her reach. “For a college grad, your sentence structure is lousy. And a story should be more than just a collection of foul words and sex acts. Other than that, it’s not bad. Not half as good as the stories I write, but not bad.” Carol stopped trying to retrieve the pad. “You write stories Uncle Carl? Could I read some of them? I just started writing and maybe I can get some help from reading some of yours.”

I looked at Carol. I had watched her grow from a skinny kid into a well-developed woman. And through it all, she had viewed me like a father. I had been there to celebrate her triumphs and to spank her for her misdeeds. In fact, I had been there all her life. To any and all concerned, I was her dad. I couldn’t help but notice the full swell of her tits or the way her hips flared out from her waist. Yes, she had grown into a woman indeed. And a mighty fine young woman at that! I shook my head to erase the thoughts of lasciviousness that were beginning to grow. “Gee Carol, I don’t know. My stories are pretty strong. Maybe it wouldn’t be right letting you read them. I mean, what would you think of me after reading my inner most lustful thoughts?”

Carol smiled and came a bit closer to me. I could smell the soft scent of her perfume. “Uncle Carl! I wouldn’t think anything different of you than I do now.” I looked down and couldn’t help but see the soft skin of her tit. Her blouse and bra had the twin orbs pushed up to show a nice bit of cleavage. I licked suddenly dry lips. “And just what do you think of me know?” Carol laughed as she took a step backward. “Look at me Uncle Carl. I have grown into a damn good-looking woman, if I must say so myself. And don’t think I haven’t noticed you watching me sometimes. You’ve noticed that I have become a woman too. I’ve seen you try to hide the hardon you get. Come on? Please let me read your stories?” I wanted to say, no. I should have said no and walked out of her apartment. But I could feel the blood begin to pulse within me. And I felt it pool in the one place it shouldn’t have. Clearing my throat, I turned around and picked up my laptop bag. I didn’t want Carol to see my growing hardon.

I handed Carol the disc that held a few of my stories. “I don’t want you showing these to anyone. And I mean anyone, Carol. This secret must stay between you and I.” I had to admit giving my stories to my niece excited me. I knew a few women who I had allowed to read them. And each one confessed that after reading them, she would get so hot, she would fuck herself to calm down. I could just imagine Carol lying in bed, her soft thighs open and either her fingers or a dildo pleasing her pussy. Carol was not ashamed to walk around semi-nude in my presence. And she would sometimes walk from one room to the next wearing only her bra and panty. I knew what she looked like with just those two articles of clothing and could guess about the rest.

I left to visit some friends but my mind kept going back to Carol and my stories. At 10 o’clock I called her. The phone rang until her answer-machine picked up. I began to talk when she picked up the phone. Her voice had a husky sound to it, like she was just dozing off. “Uncle Carl. I was just thinking about you.” I laughed. “It sounds like I woke you up. If I did I’m sorry. I know you have to get up early for work.” I listened to her breath a few times. “Mmmm! No, I just finished reading one of your stories. Damn! You write some hot shit!” Carol had talked to me like this before. As long as we were alone, I never chastised her about it. “So? How did you like them?”

Carol gave a soft laugh. I could just imagine, from the sexy way her voice sounded that she must have been lying in bed as she read. “Uncle Carl, your stories can make a girl feel real uncomfortable. I can’t tell you how excited I got from reading them.” This time I laughed out loud. “Ah come on Carol, you can tell me anything. How hot did they get you?” Carol giggled and her voice reminded me of the little girl again. “Well! I will only tell you that I have a big wet spot on my bed. And I’m kind of sore in one spot.” I could feel my dick begin to harden. “Gee! I remember when you were younger. When ever you would hurt something, I would kiss it and make it feel all better.” I heard Carol give a soft moan.

“Uncle Carl! If you kissed where I hurt now, you would definitely make it feel better. And you would probably make my bed a lot wetter. I guess that’s why you made a lot of the women take towels into the bedroom with them. Do you really like to do all those things you write about?” I let my voice grow soft and low. “Carol! Most of those stories are about the women I know. And I have done all those things.” I could hear her soft catch of breath. Then she tried to stifle a low moan. “Just what are you doing, Carol?” I listened to her let out a long slow breath. “Nothing! Just lying here in bed reading one of the stories.” I closed my eyes and my hand squeezed my throbbing dick. “Are you making yourself even sorer than you already are?”

My car was already headed in the direction of her apartment. I heard a short gasp. “Yes Uncle Carl.” I squeezed my dick hard. I wanted to moan at the thought of how she would look. “I was going to come over for a drink but I guess you’re too tired now? I mean, you sound like you’ve been working yourself pretty hard.” Carol moaned again. “No! I’ve been just relaxing. And I feel like I could use a drink right now. Why don’t you come over?” I smiled. I should have been ashamed at what I was thinking. I should have been horrified at what I wanted to happen. But I was only more turned on by the thought of the forbidden fruit I wanted to taste. “OK! I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. I’m close by.”

When Carol opened the door, she stepped back behind it. If any of her neighbors were peeking, they didn’t see how she was dressed. They all knew me as her uncle so none of them would have thought anything by my visiting her so late. When Carol closed the door and I saw how she was dressed, my mouth fell open. Carol stood in the hallway wearing a sheer nightgown. It was completely transparent and I could see all the treasures I couldn’t see before. My hungry eyes took in the hard pointy nipples that poked through the thin material. And there was no mistaking the dark triangle of thick black hair between her thighs. I swallowed hard. “I think you would make mine a double.” Carol laughed and turned around. I watched her ass as she walked away from me.

The tight material of the nighty clung to her hips. Carol filled the glasses and handed me one. Then she went and sat on the couch. I sat on the other end but I couldn’t stop looking at her. Damn, but she was a beautiful woman. Carol stood 5’10” and weighed about 185. She had two big juicy tits with dark nipples. The aureoles must have been the size of half-dollars and her nipples were about a half-inch long. The material of her sheer panty clung to her crotch and I could see the wet stain seeping thru. I looked up and Carol had been looking at me looking at her. I gulped my drink. Carol raised her glass and took a slow sip from her drink. Her eyes never left my face.

“Do you find me as attractive as the women in your stories, Uncle Carl?” I took another big gulp from my glass. The room felt uncomfortably warm. “You are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I really wish you were not my niece.” There I had said it. I had attempted to stop what I knew I wanted. Carol moved a bit closer to me. “I have always thought you were a very handsome man. I remember my graduation. All the girls talked about how handsome you were.” Carol giggled and I drew in a long slow breath as I watched her tits bounce up and down. “What’s so funny?” Carol looked at me. “My roommate wanted to take you to bed. She said you looked like you could really give her a good fuckin.”

I remembered her roommate. A short fat girl named Sandra, with an angel face. Sandra even took to calling me Uncle Carl, just like Carol did. If I had known, I would have enjoyed having fun with the young sweet impressionable girl. Carol slid over even more and was soon close enough to smell. Carol had had enough time to shower before I got there and I could smell the fresh scent of her bath gel. “Your stories made me so hot, Uncle Carl. I could almost see them happening in my head.” I held the glass up to my lips. But my eyes stared at her hard nipples. “How, how did your bed get wet?” even with the drink, my throat felt like a desert was inside it. Carol’s voice grew whisper soft. “I had to stop and play with myself. You knew that would happen if I read them, didn’t you? You knew those stories would make me push my fingers deep inside my pussy till I came. You wanted that to happen, didn’t you?”

Carol’s breath was hot on my face. She was talking into my ear. If I turned my head, my lips would touch hers? If I turned my head, there would be no stopping what would eventually happen? If I turned my head, I would end up fucking my niece? I turned my head. My lips brushed against Carol’s. I wanted her to draw back. I wanted her to get up and move. But she didn’t. When my lips touched hers, she pressed against me. I felt her lips part and her tongue push against my lips. I parted my lips and her tongue slithered deep in my mouth. A soft moan escaped her lips as she ground them against mine. My eyes closed and I pressed back against her. I reached out and felt the table. I set my drink down. Then I took hers and set it down too. I felt her hands cup my face as my hand slid up along her thigh.

Electricity passed through me as I rubbed her young soft flesh. I would slide my hand halfway up her thigh then slide it back down. I didn’t want to rush things and attack her pussy. But Carol had other ideas. Her hands left my face and grasped my hand. She pushed it up between her thighs and pressed it against her hot sex. As my fingertips rubbed up and down against her slit, Carol moaned louder. Then she broke the kiss. “Put your fingers in me, Uncle Carl. See just how wet your story made me. Feel my pussy, Uncle Carl.” As my fingers slipped beneath the elastic, Carol ground her lips on mine. My fingers brushed against the soft down of her pussy hair. Even as thick as it was, it was silky soft. I could feel the two swollen pussy lips as Carol pushed her hips up at me. Her mouth was open against mine and she was breathing heavy.

I wanted her so bad. And yet a part of me still didn’t want this to happen. Carol must have realized my dilemma. “Carol! We really shouldn’t be doing this. I mean, I am your uncle after all.” Carol grabbed my hand and pressed it even harder against her pussy. “Your story got me so hot. I couldn’t help but lay in bed and stroke my pussy. All the time I wished that you were here to help me. Help me now Uncle Carl. Push your fingers deep in my cunt. Just like you do in the stories. Show me how many fingers I can take. Finger my hot pussy. Make me open my throbbing cunt like you do to those other women. Make me lick my crème from your wet fingers. Make me act like a hot slut.”

As Carol pressed my hand against her cunt, my fingers slid between her fat pussy lips. She was soakin wet. As my fingers entered her, Carol opened her thighs wider. The small light from the table, shined against her face. I could see the sex-glazed look in her eyes. As my fingers slowly moved in and out of her cunt, Carol moved her hips with my rhythm. Her mouth opened wider. “Oh yea! Oh! That feels so good. Oh Uncle Carl! Do you really make those women act like sluts?” Carol held my hand steady as she humped my fingers. “Yes Carol! I get them all hot and wet, just like I got you now. Then I tease them until they act like I want them to.” as I said it, I pulled my fingers from her pussy. They were coated with her crème.

“No Uncle Carl! Don’t stop! Put your fingers back in my cunt.” I brushed my fingers against her pussy lips. They were swollen and hard. Carol’s hands were trying to force my fingers back into the hot confines of her young pussy. “Do you want to act like them, Carol? Should I make you beg like the hot slut you are? Do you want me to make you promise to do what ever I want?” I lifted my fingers and smeared her juice on her lips. Even without my fingers in her cunt, Carol continued to hump her pussy on the couch. Carol’s eyes grew wide as she looked at me. Her face was a mask of heated lust. “Yes! Make me act like they do! Make me beg! Oh please, Uncle Carl! Make me cum!” I took the middle finger of my hand and pressed it against Carol’s clit. Even through the material I could feel how hard it was.

Carol moaned and pushed her hips up off the couch. “Tell me how much you want it, Carol. What will you do if I promise to give it to you?” I didn’t press hard enough to let her get off. Instead, I brushed her clit and each time she tried to push her hips up for more, I moved my finger back. “Oh! Oh you bastard! You want me to beg for it, don’t you? Please! Please, give it to me? I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I’ll let you fuck me however you want. I’ll lick that hard dick and suck the head ’til you cum in my mouth.” My hand went behind her head and I pulled her hard against me. My lips ground against hers. I wanted her to feel me taking control.

I slid my hand up into her long black hair. Then, grabbing a handful, I yanked her head backwards. Carol let out a sharp cry. I had done just this same thing to one of the women in the story she had read. “Listen to me you young cunt. I’m gonna give you the same chance I give the women in my stories. You can get up and go to your bedroom and close the door. I’ll leave and never try to touch you again. But if I touch your pussy, if I make you cum, you’ll become my slut. I’ll fuck you whenever I want. You’ll become as nasty as I want you to be. I’ll fuck your hot tender pussy, your juicy mouth and that tight asshole. I’ll even fuck some of your girlfriends and make you fuck them too. You had better understand what you’re letting yourself in for.”

Carol stared deep into my eyes. Then she slowly slid to the floor. Kneeling between my thighs, her fingers fumbled with my zipper. When she had my hard dick free, she bent her head and licked the shaft. All the time, her face looked up at me. Her eyes locked on mine as she opened her mouth and captured the swollen head of my dick. My hands grabbed her hair and I slowly pushed her head down on my shaft. My other hand cupped one of her tits. My fingers found her nipple and I slowly squeezed as I pulled it. Carol moaned as she took more and more of my hard dick into her hot mouth. My niece was no novice to sucking dick. She slid about 7 inches inside before she stopped. I felt her rough tongue as she licked around the head. I slowly began to fuck her mouth.

Carol moaned as her head moved up and down on my dick. I grabbed her by her head to steady her. “Oh yea! You like sucking a nice hard dick, don’t you? That’s it! My sweet young niece! I’m gonna make a real slut out of you. Uncle Carl is gonna love fuckin you up your tight ass.” As I held her head tight in my grip, I fucked her mouth even harder. I was forcing her to take the remaining 2 inches of hard dick. Carol gagged a few times and even choked once. I pulled her head from my dick. “Stand up slut and spread your legs.” Carol struggled to her feet and stood with her legs spread. I reached up and grabbed the elastic of her panty. The room echoed the ripping sound as I pulled it free. “Close your eyes and show me how you stroked this pussy as you read my story.

Carol closed her eyes as she slid both hands down to her crotch. Using one hand to spread her pussy open, she slowly stroked her slit with the fingers of her other hand. Carol moaned softly as she got more into playing with her pussy. My eyes were level with her cunt and I could see her fingers getting wet. “So! Sandra wanted to fuck me? I’m gonna let you invite her over before I leave and both of us will fuck her. Did the two of you ever play with each other in college?” Carol opened her eyes and looked at me. “We never touched each other. But sometimes, we would lie in our beds and play with our pussy as we talked about boys. Sandra pinches her nipples real hard when she starts to cum. One time I even heard her call out your name when she was cumming.” I was slowly stroking my hard dick. Carol’s eyes looked down and she watched.

“Were you two under the covers? Or could you see her cunt while she fucked herself?” Carol was pushing two fingers up into her cunt now. “A few times she was lying on top of the blankets when she did it. I could see her shaved pussy and hairy legs. I think she wanted me to touch her but I never did. I know she did it with another girl in the dorm. I walked in on them one time.” I couldn’t stand it much longer. I unbuckled my pants and slid them down to the floor. Then I pulled Carol on top of me. She straddled my thighs and slowly settled down. I guided the head of my dick to her slit. “Go real slow. I want to feel every inch as it slides in your nasty cunt.”

Carol moaned as the bloated head pushed pass her pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how hot her pussy felt on my dick. Carol slowly worked her hips up and down as her pussy slowly swallowed inch after inch. At about 6 inches she stopped. Her eyes locked with mine. “Your dick is fatter than the guys I fucked. I have to get used to it.” I could feel the muscles inside her cunt milking and squeezing my shaft. I grabbed her by her hips. “Don’t scream,” I said as I pulled her down on me. Carol gave a long groan as I sank all nine inches in her cunt. When she had all of it buried I let her relax. I pulled her to me and we kissed. Carol ground her hips on me as her tongue snaked into my mouth. When she broke the kiss she laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Carol’s face grew serious. “I think I always wanted to fuck you, Uncle Carl. Remember that time I came by your house and you were fucking that skinny woman. I peeked in the room and saw the way you had her tied to the bed. I knew you were fucking her in her ass. I thought about you fuckin me ever since then.” I smiled as I too remembered what she was talking about. I had Martha tied on her hands and knees. There was a gag in her mouth and she had on a pair of tight rubber panties. There was a small vibrator stuck up her cunt. The panty held it in place. The panty also had a small hole in the back. When Carol had opened the door, I was sure she saw my dick pull out of Martha’s ass. The gag stopped her scream from being heard throughout the whole house.

Carol had grown used to my dick and was slowly moving her hips up and down my shaft. I could feel her thick crème oozing from her sloppy cunt as she slowly fucked her uncle. I looked into her face. That she was enjoying every inch showed. I was getting closer and closer to shooting my load. But there was no way that I wanted this fuck session to end so soon. I pulled her up and she slipped free. Big gobs of her crème dropped onto my dick and thighs. Carol stood up and I could see the crème oozing down her thigh. I reached out and scooped some up on my fingers. Carol watched as I sucked my finger. I scooped up two fingers full and held it out to her. Carol never hesitated as she bent her waist and sucked my fingers clean. I smiled as I pulled her to the floor.

“Now you can clean all your crème off my dick. And lift it up to clean my thighs and balls too. Then I’ll take you in the bedroom and lick your pussy till it’s clean. I didn’t have to encourage Carol. She eagerly sucked my dick clean then attacked my balls and thighs. When she finished, my thighs and cock was wet but from her eager licking, not her thick crème. I pulled her to her feet and took her into her bedroom. There were clothes all over the floor and bed. When I looked at her, she just smiled. “I started reading your story and couldn’t get naked fast enough.” I laughed as I pushed her on the bed on her back. Then I pulled her thighs wide. I stared at her naked cunt for the first time. She had a thick bush of wet matted hair surrounding her exposed thick pussy lips. But they were parted and I could clearly see her pink inner pussy meat.

I looked at Carol’s face. She stared back at mine with eager anticipation. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you for a long time Carol. I would sometimes think about you, as I would fuck some young slut. I wanted to do all the nasty things to you that I was doing to them.” I never finished saying what I wanted to. I bent down and licked her slit from the tight skin between her holes to the top of her slit. Carol grabbed twin handfuls of sheet and pushed her hips up off the bed. “Ahhh! Oh shit!” I licked her again. I continued to lick her slit from bottom to top. And each time, Carol would lift up off the bed. “Oh Uncle Carl! I’ll cum if you keep licking my cunt like that. Damn! It feels so fuckin good.” Instead of answering her, I pushed my tongue into her hole and began to work it in and out.

“Oh you nasty motherfucker! Tongue this pussy! Fuck me with your tongue! Oh Uncle Carl! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in your hot mouth. Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop! Ahh! Ahh! IIIIIEEEEEE!” With that, her hips flew off the bed and my mouth was filled with her thick hot crème. I sucked and swallowed, then sucked and swallowed again. I couldn’t believe how much hot crème Carol was pumping into my hungry sucking mouth. When she stopped thrashing, I pulled my mouth free. My face was completely covered with her crème. Carol pulled me up on top of her. I was about to kiss her when she began to lick the crème from my face. “I want you to fuck me Uncle Carl. I want to feel you ramming all that hard dick up my cunt. I want to feel every inch.”

I grabbed her tight and kissed her hard. I could feel her grinding her pussy against me as we kissed. Our tongues dueled back and forth. I had already lost my pants and Carol was reaching between us to guide my dick to her cunt. I pushed her thighs up high and moved back. I pulled on the condom I held in my hand. Then, I guided the tip of my dick to her pussy. I rammed hard. Carol bit her lip to stop her outcry. I pulled back until just the tip of my dick was in her. Carol grabbed a pillow and pulled it tight over her face. I rammed again and this time she screamed into the pillow. I rammed a third time and had to stop. I was too close to cumming. I pulled the pillow away. “Do you still want my all of my dick, bitch? Do you still want to feel every inch?”

Carol’s eyes were shut tight. She was gasping for air. I watched her for a few minutes. Then pulled out completely and sat on the edge of the bed. Carol turned to me. “Uncle Carl, you have the biggest dick I ever had. It felt like you were ripping my pussy open. But I don’t want you to stop. Just go a little easy. After all, this is our first time.” I laughed as I pulled her to me. This time the kiss was slow and intense. When it broke, she lay back on her pillows, her eyes closed. “I can feel my pussy throbbing. I’m cumming again Uncle Carl and you’re not even fuckin me.” Then she opened her eyes and looked at me. “Do you really want to fuck Sandra?” I smiled down at her. The look on her face told me she really didn’t want me to.

“No Carol, I’m not going to fuck Sandra.” Her face relaxed and I almost laughed out loud. “We’re gonna fuck her together. You said she likes girls too. So both of us will have her in this bed. She’s gonna clean your pussy after I fuck you and you will do the same for her. I may even want to watch the two of you lick each other’s pussy. But don’t worry, you’ll always be my slut. Besides, you know I won’t be here long enough for you to get jealous.” If she could, Carol would have protested. But I think she already knew that wouldn’t work with me. “Have you ever been fucked up the ass?” Carol’s eyes grew real wide. “Uncle Carl! I could never take anything that size up my ass. You’d kill me!” I laughed as I pushed her head into my lap. Carol pulled off the condom without spilling a drop. Then Carol began sucking on my softening dickhead.

“If Martha, who is a lot skinnier than you are, can take me up her ass, you can too. And you will. Remember that I told you that you would become my slut and do whatever I wanted? I won’t do it tonight, but tomorrow I’m gonna go real slow and I’m gonna fit all nine inches up your ass. You’ll have all day to think about it. And I want you to invite Sandra over for dinner. If she still wants to fuck me, we’ll see how serious she is. I could see that Carol wanted to object. “I’m not asking you Carol, I’m telling you as my slut what I want you to do. Either you will do it or we can stop right now?” Carol’s face showed her indecision, but after a few heartbeats, she nodded her head, yes.

I felt my dick begin to grow hard again. I pulled on another condom and pulled Carol over onto her hands and knees. I felt her tense up with fear that I would fuck her asshole. I slapped her hard across her ass. “Relax slut! I told you I wouldn’t fuck your asshole until tomorrow.” I guided the tip of my dick to her cunt. Then with slow deliberate strokes, I fucked her. Carol worked her hips to match my rhythm. We fucked like that for a long time. I felt Carol cum at least twice before I filled the condom with my hot cum. Carol collapsed on the bed and I held onto her ass as she lay down flat. Then I walked into the bathroom to clean up. When I came back with a warm towel to clean Carol, I heard her soft snoring. She had fallen asleep.

I remembered all these things as I drove out of the city. I knew we would have to stop some place for the night and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Carol’s hot young body again. Carol saw the smile on my face. She stopped reading and looked at me. “What’s so funny?” I smiled even more. “Oh, I was just remembering how two hot young girls acted one Saturday night.” Carol laughed. “You are one nasty old man.”

“I know!” I laughed. But not as nasty as the two of you became. You both acted like starving lezzie nymphs.

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