Sister Makes It Up To Brother



Celeste and her husband Ron had flown in for Christmas a day earlier than everyone was expecting them. Cindy, Celeste’s fifteen year old sister had a basketball game that Friday night and would be coming back with their dad the following morning.

Danny, Celeste’s brother was home though, as well as their grandfather. Neither had wanted to make the overnight trip, so had stayed home. This was perfect for Celeste, as she really wanted to spend time with those two men. She had not seen Danny since the summer, and he had turned eighteen earlier in the month. She wanted to make amends for missing his important birthday celebration.

Grandpa soon joined them in the kitchen. He had heard the bell and was curious who was visiting this late in the evening.

“Grandpa!” Celeste almost shouted when he strolled in. She jumped up and hugged him around the neck and kissed him, directly on the mouth. He shook Ron’s hand, then hugged him.

Celeste had known Ron for a little over two years, since she was eighteen and Ron was twenty-two. They had immediately fallen in love, but she wanted to wait until she was closer to being done with school before they got married. Celeste had shared herself with Ron and Grandpa together on several occasions since they had met, and Grandpa and Ron were best of friends.

She would be done with her PhD in Astronomy and Physics in a few months, just before her twentieth birthday, and she was planning on being pregnant when she became a doctor.

The kitchen was a cozy place to sit and catch up, but after an hour, they were all ready to call it a night. First Grandpa, then Ron excused themselves to retire for the night.

“I’m going to hit the sack myself, sis. We’ve got all week to finish catching up,” Danny announced as he stood up. He was staring at her nipples poking into the thin material of her silk button up blouse. Though she was not blessed with large breasts, her nipples became rather long when she was aroused. Looking at her brother’s well muscled, tall frame got her a little hot.

Celeste stood and hugged him. Danny had grown a few inches since she had moved to California, and she had to stand on her tiptoes to hug him, then raise herself up even more to kiss him on the mouth. She allowed the kiss to linger, maybe just a little longer than was expected by Danny.

“Um, yeah. Goodnight Celeste,” Danny stammered.

Danny had never really tried to hide his admiration of his sister’s body: her long, graceful legs, curvy hips, small breasts, and her elegantly formed facial features under her long, curly, bright red hair. He had caught her skinny dipping in the pool her last summer at this house, and had watched until she caught him watching her.

Celeste noted that he had headed downstairs from the kitchen, and she headed up to the second floor and her childhood bedroom where Ron waited for her.

Ron was watching television in bed when she closed the bedroom door behind her.

“Did Danny grow since we saw him this summer at our wedding?” her husband asked from the bed.

“I think so. He has to be six foot two now, and I remember hoping that he would get to six foot but Cindy wouldn’t. I guess I got both wishes, since Cindy hasn’t grown since she hit five eleven, at thirteen years old. I haven’t grown since I was twelve, so five foot nine and a half is where I’m stuck; I’m the short one in the family.”

“I don’t think ‘short one’ is a very good description of you though. Anyway, I think you’re perfect at that height. I like having to look down slightly to meet your eyes.”

“Unless I have heels on, of course.”

Celeste removed her clothes and slipped a silky white nightgown on over her naked body. It had spaghetti straps and draped loosely around her chest, the material barely rising high enough to cover her still erect nipples. The waist was cinched with elastic, then fell loosely over her hips and stopped barely below her crotch. Looking up from the bed, Ron could just barely see her puffy labia underneath the hem.

“God, Celeste, you look totally edible in that. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of being with you,” Ron whispered as his eyes roamed over her barely covered body.

“I know, sweetheart.” Celeste whispered as she bent and kissed him.

“I’ll be back.”

She silently slipped down the steps Danny had taken when he said he was going to bed. She hadn’t known that he had moved his bedroom to the lower level. Last she knew, he had slept in the room across from hers upstairs.

There were three bedrooms downstairs, with a bathroom across the hallway from them. Two of the doors were open on dark rooms, and a faint light crept out from under the third one. She stopped at the closed door, placed her ear against it, and listened.

She heard nothing inside, but had to assume this was Danny’s room. Pushing one strap of her nightgown almost off her shoulder, she rapped on the door and quickly pushed it open as she whispered his name.

The room was barely illuminated by a small lamp on the nightstand, but she was inside in time to see a flurry of motion from the bed as Danny pulled the sheet up over himself.

“Celeste, what…” he started.

Celeste shrugged her shoulders as she looked him in the eyes and the strap slipped off her shoulder and down her arm, allowing the silky material to droop further down her chest. She felt the stitching at the edge catch for a split second on her stiffened nipple, then slide off and fall a couple inched below it against the bottom her small breast.

“I missed your birthday, little brother,” she whispered as she crossed the room toward him. She glanced down his body and the thin sheet did little to hide his erection. It looked similar in length and girth to Grandpa’s, and this made her smile. She liked Grandpa’s penis and how it felt inside her. She was going to like Danny’s too.

“Celeste? It’s OK about missing…”

Celeste slid her fingers under the straps barely holding her nightgown up and pulled them slowly down and past her waist as she reached the bed. The only thing keeping the garment on her at all was the elastic at the waist, but she pushed is just a little down over her hips and it slipped silently to the floor around her feet.

“I’m here to give you your present. I hope you like it.”

“But, you’re my sister and what about Ron?” Danny whispered as she slid her legs under the sheet.

“He knows. I hope he waits for me, but he might be taking care of himself right now thinking about what’s going to happen here,” Danny’s older sister whispered into his ear as her hand moved silently over his stomach and found his throbbing cock under the sheet.

“You’re my si…” he started, but her lips cut him off and she pressed her tongue into his mouth.

“I want to share myself with you, Danny. I love you, and I’ve known for a long time you wanted me. I want you too. Completely and totally.” Her voice was barely audible, and more of a growl than a whisper.

She had her fingers wrapped as far around her brother’s cock as they would reach, slowly stroking down, then up. When she reached his head, she grazed her thumb across the tip, and felt what she hoped to find: a drop or two of hot fluid had seeped out the tip. She rubbed it around his head, and listened to him moan.

“Celeste…” but her lips stopped his mouth again, but it only took her a second to turn and push the sheet down as she dove down his body and slid her lips over the huge head of his cock.

As her lips pressed over her brother’s mushroom shaped head, she though to herself, ‘I think he’s bigger than Grandpa.”

Her lips continued down his thick shaft and his hand quickly found her nipple and the other one found her butt cheek, and crack. She moaned loudly as the head of her brother’s hard cock touched the back of her throat. He pinched her pointed nipple as the fingers on his other hand slid down her crack and over her puckered hole inside the crevice.

Celeste began to bob her head up and down the length of her brother’s twitching cock, filling her mouth with his hardness, but this only lasted a half dozen slow strokes before she pointed her chin and let him slide into her throat. Her chin was pressed into his pubic hair and she could feel the loose skin of his scrotum against her upper lip.

“Oh god, Celeste…” moaned Danny, as he slid a finger between his sister’s dripping pussy lips, releasing the built up moisture inside to soak his hand and run down the inside of her thighs.

Celeste pushed back against her brother’s hand as she began to quickly move the head of his cock in and out of her throat, squeezing his shaft between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

“Celeste, you’re gonna make me cum,” he groaned as he pushed two fingers inside his sister.

Celeste quickly spun her body and moved one kneed across her brother’s hips. Her wet pussy pressed his hardness between her pelvis and his belly.

“Oh no you don’t, mister. You can’t cum yet.”

Celeste leaned forward and kissed her brother full on the mouth, dancing her tongue around inside his mouth, slowly sliding his thick erection against her clit and the length of her wet pussy. She loved the way her nipples and hips felt pressed against her brother, and had given herself many orgasms thinking about doing this with him.

Her arms around his shoulders and neck pulled him over and on top of her as she rolled off him. Her thighs pressed into his hips and she lifted her feet behind him and crossed her ankles against her brother’s ass.

“Danny, do you want to fuck your sister now?” Celeste whispered into his ear.

“I think so.”

“Danny, your sister wants you to fuck her. She wants you to fuck her good and fill me with my brother’s thick, hot cum. Don’t you want that for your birthday?”

Danny lifted his hips up and Celeste quickly reached between her legs and guided her brother’s throbbing cock toward her eager opening.

“Tell me you want me Danny. Please, tell me you want to fuck your sister for your birthday present.”

“I want you Celeste. I love you, and I’ve always wanted to fill you with my cum. Fucking you will be the best birthday present ever.”

Celeste pressed his head against her pussy and pulled him forward with her heels on his butt. She felt his head push against her, then she felt a slight pop as the bulbous tip of her brother’s cock entered her.

“Oh god, yes, Danny. Keep going, push your cock inside your sister as far as it will go,” she growled into his ear.

Danny raised up and kissed his sister on the mouth passionately as he began to slowly push himself deeper inside her hot pussy. She reached around his chest and he felt a sting as his sister’s fingers dug into the muscles of his back.

“I’m fucking my sister. You don’t know how often I’ve beat off wishing for this!” Danny hoarsely panted into Celeste’s ear as he began to pump in and out of her wet pussy. She was making a little cry in the back of her throat each time her brother’s cock pressed against her cervix.

“Who’s the best fuck you’re ever had, Danny?” Celeste knew the answer.

“My sister is the best fuck in the world. My sister, the most beautiful woman in the world, is the best fuck ever.”

“Faster, Danny. Fuck me faster. Make your sister cum with you inside her, then fill her with your cum.”

Her brother felt so good inside her, and her orgasm was close, very close. She could tell her brother was getting close too. He grunted just like Grandpa when he was about to fill his granddaughter with his cum. She squeezed her thighs tighter around his waist and moved her heels quicker against his butt.

He lifted himself off her with his arms, and thrust as fast as he could into her hot pussy as it clenched around him. She met and held his gaze as she gasped for breath through her open mouth. Danny thought her green eyes were the most beautiful he had ever seen them look. They looked hungry. He wanted to satisfy that hunger, and tried to pump himself faster inside her.

Celeste tried to keep her eyes locked on her brother as he was fucking her wildly, but they rolled back and closed as the first wave of her orgasm started deep in her belly and spread outward. Her back arched underneath her younger brother and she squeezed her long, lithe legs around him. She screamed out her pleasure at the ceiling as her hips started to buck and her pussy muscles contracted around his thrusting cock with each wave of her orgasm.

Her scream and pussy muscles pulling him deeper inside her was all Danny needed to send him over the edge and he pushed his hips against his sister’s pelvis with everything he had left. His body twitched as he groaned and released his sperm filled cum deep inside his sister, painting the inside of her pussy with his hot, creamy liquid.

Celeste felt him stiffen above her, though she couldn’t see him from behind her tightly closed eyes. She was bucking beneath her brother as he jerked his cum into her over and over and she felt the warmth of her brother’s cum as it filled her.

After he pumped his last stream of cum into her, Danny rolled off his sister to the bed, still panting, and she rolled over with him to lay on top of him. He was a big man, and could stand her weight. She kissed him passionately.

“Danny, I love you, but Cindy and Dad can’t know about this.”

“Of course. Nobody can, but what about Grandpa?”

“He knows already.”

“What?” Danny sounded desperate and tried to sit up.

“He knows, because I always tell the people I share myself completely with about the other people.”

“What? Wait… you mean…”

“Yes, Danny. Grandpa has been with me, because I love him too much to not be with him. I gave him my virginity.”

“There are others too? You said it like there are others.”

“Only people I love so much that I want to share everything with them.”

“You said you always tell, so who else is there?” He didn’t sound anything but curious.

“Ron, of course. Ron is my best true love. And Grandpa. And Ron and Grandpa together…”

“You had a three way with your husband and Grandpa?”

“Yes. I hope you don’t…”

“God Celeste, that’s so hot.” Danny sounded really curious now.

“Keep in mind, I won’t ask anybody to do anything they don’t want to do, but I really love to share each other with others that I need to share myself with. Ron, and Ron and Grandpa, now you. Then there’s Ron and Ron’s sister, and Ron’s sister by herself, and of course Ron and his sister with each other. And Ginger, of course Ginger, then Ginger and her dad, her dad by himself, Ginger and Ron, Ginger and her dad and Ron, Ginger and her dad and Grandpa, and Ginger and Grandpa.”

Ginger is Celeste’s best friend in all the world. From the second they met, the same week she had met her husband Ron, they’ve been closer than sisters, they’ve been lovers.


“Yes, Ginger. No, I’m not a lesbian, but a woman’s body is so wonderful, and different. I do like making love with a woman I love.”

“So, you share yourself with Ginger…”

“Yes, Danny, my love, my brother, I will share you with Ginger.”

“You know I’ve been in love with her since the second I met her?”

“Yeah, I know. I also know that I’ve been eagerly waiting for you to turn eighteen, but only half as eagerly as Ginger. She loves you as much as I do.”

“Is that why she always flirts with me?”

“Ginger always flirts, but especially with you. Ginger and her dad are coming down later in the week, after Christmas.”

Danny’s face lit up.

“Danny, if you don’t love her, don’t play with her. You have to love her like you love me, or you’ll break our hearts. Promise.”

“I know, Celeste. I won’t break your hearts. I promise.”


Almost three years later, Danny is in his third year at State U and Cindy is in her first year there. Ginger had gotten her bachelors degree at Harvard the year before and was in her first year of MBA work. Ginger and Danny were as inseparable as two people living in different states could be, with the very definite prospect of marriage immediately as soon as they graduate. Celeste could hardly wait. Ginger would really be her sister finally, and not just feel like it.

Celeste was juggling teaching Astronomy and Physics at UCLA and doing contract work for StellarX, the private space flight company, while raising her beautiful, one and a half year old twin daughters. She had also recently announced to her family and friends that she is expecting again.

Ron, Celeste’s husband, was ecstatic, and doubly so. His sister, Jennifer was also expecting a baby, and had told friends and family she wasn’t going to wait for Mister Right, and was artificially inseminated. Besides Jennifer, Ron and Celeste were the only ones who knew the truth, that it was Ron’s baby. This was how all of them, Ron, Jennifer, and Celeste, wanted it.

Celeste’s cell phone rang as she was proofreading a section of the book she had authored about dark matter, and the processes used to finally detect its actual existence.

“Cindy! How are you?” she gleefully spoke into the phone.

“Hi Celeste. I’m OK. School’s a bitch, but I’ll get through it.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t make it for your birthday last week…”

“Week before last,” Cindy interrupted her sister, laughing.

“Time flies when you’re chasing Thing 1 and Thing 2.”

“I thought you were Thing 1, Danny Thing 2, and I’m Thing 3.”

“That was before I decided to reproduce and ended up with my two beautiful little monsters.”

“But you decided to have another one.”


“What? Two what?”

“We just found out, I’m having another set of twins! Ron and his freaking family of twins.”

“Congratulations?” Cindy definitely made that a question.

“Thanks, Cindy. I really am happy. I wanted three, but knew the chances of twins from Ron. And if you think about it, I get to have four and only need to be pregnant twice, so it’s actually a pretty good deal.”

“Yeah. I want to tell you something, Celeste.”

“What is it baby sister?” Celeste could hear the hesitation in her sister’s voice.

“Do you remember that last summer you spent here, and we had those talks about sex?”

“Yeah, and you decided you wanted to find a boy that liked you more than sex, and to do that you should find one that liked you even if he didn’t think he was going to get sex from you.”

“That’s the conversation. It was hard, really hard. Sex is all boys want, I think. I couldn’t find one.” Cindy sounded on the verge of tears.

“Oh god, Cindy! Not even one?”

“I did find one, finally.” Cindy was almost whispering. “So, I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“You’re not pregnant are you?”

“No. I’ve been on the pill for two years, looking for the right guy. I had to get Dad to agree, but he knows how you and I are, once we decide something, he might as well not even discuss it.”

“You sound like you’re telling me bad news though. What’s wrong?”

“Well, Ginger convinced me, then afterward, I didn’t know. I’m afraid to tell you about it, cause I don’t know Ginger that well, but I know you and Danny love her to death. I hope she wouldn’t lie to me, but it’s all so weird, but too late to take back now. I hope you’re not mad at me.”

“Cindy, what happened?”

“Ginger said you’d be happy, she would be happy, I would be happy and…” Cindy sighed, “Danny would be happy.”

“You gave your virginity to Danny?”

“Yes,” Cindy sniffled as she whispered it into the phone.

“Was it as amazing for you as it was for me?”

“It’s true then? You and Danny have had sex?”

“Yes, a bunch of times. He’s better at it now, now that I’ve taught him how, but even the first time was pretty amazing. I’m glad you got the benefit of my teaching for your first time.”

“It was pretty amazing. He was so gentle and considerate. I was surprised, actually. He made sure it was what I wanted before, you know, he put his penis inside me and took my virginity.”

“It sounds like it was beautiful, just like you wanted, like we both wanted for your first time. I was almost, to the day, the exact same age as you, when I gave my virginity to Grandpa.”

“To Grandpa? Seriously?”

“Yes, Cindy. I make love to Grandpa, because I love him so much. People I love, I share everything with.”

“Isn’t it weird though, to have sex with your brother and with your grandfather? I don’t really feel weird, but it just happened yesterday.”

“It’s not weird. I love Ron, and I share my body with him, and it’s perfectly fine. I love Danny too. And Grandpa. So, I share myself with them, with the people I love.”

“And me? Do you love me that much, Celeste?”

“Absolutely, I love you the most. But…”

“I love you too, Celeste,” Cindy interrupted her sister. “Will you make love to me and Danny next time we’re all in the same state together? Please?”

“Of course! Whatever makes you happy, Cindy, my love. Can Ron join us too?”

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