When Niece Skips School

Marty and I were best friends, we considered ourselves brothers, although we were not blood-related. One day I was sitting at the table in the kitchen, half watching the game on the television in the kitchen, half bullshitting with Marty while he cooked when he got a call. I could tell from his half of the conversation that it was about Carly.

Carly is Marty’s 18-year-old stepdaughter. Carly’s mother, which was Marty’s second wife, tragically died two years ago when a drunk driver hit the car she was driving. His wife’s death hit both Marty and Carly hard. Suddenly Marty had a teenage daughter to raise alone.

Carly is a smart girl but has a habit of getting into trouble, skipping class, hanging out with the wrong kids, and was held back her sophomore year in high school because of it. She is a beautiful girl with an innocent look. Carly is tall 5 ft. 10, slender with fantastic long legs and a killer ass. Her breasts are small and sit high on her chest. Carly’s bright green eyes dance when she talks and her smile lights up a room.

Although I would never tell Marty, I thought she was a hot piece of young ass and when she’s in the room, I can’t help but fantasize about doing his stepdaughter.

Marty hung up the phone, shaking his head. “The little brat skipped two classes today! She better have a good explanation.” I sat there listening as Marty went on to tell me all the trouble Carly gets herself into.

A little while later, I heard the front door open. “Daddy, I’m home!” My heart started to beat a little faster when she skipped into the kitchen. She was in her school uniform. Red plaid skirt, white blouse, Carly’s rainbow dyed hair falling around her shoulders, knee high white socks, and black patent leather shoes. God damn, the things I would do to her.

Carly greeted us with bubbly enthusiasm, “Hi, Daddy! Hi, Uncle Mark!”

“How was school princess?” Marty asked as she kissed him on the cheek.

“It was fine,” she said nonchalantly as she started to walk away.

“You went to all your classes?” Marty calmly gave her a chance to tell the truth. Carly rummaged through the fridge for a snack.

“Yup!” I heard her say.

“Carly Marie!” Marty’s voice even made me jump slightly.

Carly turned around slowly and looked at him. Her whole demeanor seemed to have changed the second she heard his tone. “Yes, Daddy?” She said in a tiny voice.

Marty looked at her sternly, “What have I told you about lying?” Carly looked down at her feet, holding silent for a few heartbeats. “Answer me!”

She looked back up at him and said, “I’m never allowed to lie to you, Daddy.”

“Correct. So I’m asking you again, did you go to all of your classes today?” Marty inquired. I felt a little out of place watching this family feud unfold before me, but I didn’t move.

Carly said, almost in a whisper, “No, Daddy.”

Marty took a deep breath, “So, not only did you skip classes, but then you lied to me about it? Go stand by the island counter.”

I watched from my stool as Carly walked over to the countertop. The island counter was directly across from the table I was sitting at, so I couldn’t help but look at her. I didn’t know what was going to happen and I found myself a little anxious. Marty walked over to where Carly was standing and pointed at the countertop.

Without hesitation, and to my complete surprise, Carly bent over the high countertop! “What happens to bad little girls, Carly?”

Carly was bent at the waist, her upper body and head resting on the countertop, her sexy long legs were together and straight, tiptoes on the floor. From where I was seated behind her, I could see that her skirt was just long enough to cover her sweet ass and could see just a peek of her white cotton panties.

My cock twitched as I heard her say, “Bad girls get spanked, Daddy.”

“And does it matter if there is a guest here?” Marty asked. Carly shook her head no. “And why not?”

Carly sighed, I could tell she didn’t like the questions. “Because if I can break the rules in front of people, I can get punished in front of people.” She replied.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was I actually about to witness a spanking? How far would Marty actually go in front of me?

He landed a sharp smack on her bottom. “You’ve been a bad girl,” he said. Marty followed with a series of perfectly timed spanks across her ass. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the scene unfolding in front of me. After several long minutes of spanks, Marty stopped. To my surprise, Carly didn’t get up. Was he done? I started to feel guilty of how turned on it made me watching her ass get smacked.

Then Marty said, “Tell me what happens next.”

Carly shuffled her feet, “But Dadddddyyy!” She whined.

Marty slapped her ass again, “Answer me!” he snapped.

I held my breath, I was dying to know her answer. “You pull up my skirt and do it again.” Came her timid reply.

Marty slapped her ass again and said, “Say the words, Carly!” I had no idea what he was talking about.

What did he want her to say? Carly whined and said, “You pull up my skirt and spank me over my panties, Daddy.”

With that Marty grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pushed it up around her waist, exposing her white cotton panty covered ass. Oh, my, God, it was so hot. I could see the outline of her pussy lips pressed into her panties. Even through her white panties, Carly’s round little butt was glowing red with the outline of Marty’s hand, my cock was fully hard now.

As Marty started spanking her again, I couldn’t take my eyes off of that pussy outline. I felt mortified having these thoughts while he was punishing her but I couldn’t help it. Again, Marty stopped.

He began rubbing her bottom as he asked, “What comes next, Carly? And say the words.” My heart was racing. Was he really going to continue? I could barely control myself when I heard her answer.

“You pull down my panties and spank my bare bottom, Daddy.” Marty hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down to her knees.

I almost fell off my stool. My cock was straining roughly against my jeans, as her hairless little pussy and her pink little ring came into full view in front of me. As Marty started spanking her again, I thought I saw her pussy glistening.

No! It had to be my imagination. There was no way she was wet, I just wanted her to be. My cock was pressing painfully in my jeans as I subconsciously leaned forward to get a better view. After what seemed like an eternity, Marty stopped. I tried to recompose myself, I was practically drooling, expecting it to be over, but again, Carly didn’t move.

Marty pushed her panties down to the floor. “Now spread your legs so Daddy can see what a bad girl you’ve been.” My mouth dropped open as Carly, without complaint, moved her feet apart and opened her legs. Her pussy was in full view now, I almost came in my pants!

Marty put his hand on her inner thigh and slid it all the way up until his whole hand covered her pussy. He slowly rubbed back and forth. “Oh, Carly you’ve been a very bad girl… Why is this pussy so wet Carly?” I could hear her breathing quicken, it seemed as if she liked it!

I was unaware of it, but it seemed like he was using trigger words. Marty kept talking while he rubbed his hand slowly back and forth, “Is it because Uncle Mark is watching? Is that it? Do you like being bent over the counter with your panties pulled down, and your legs spread, and your little cunny out for him to see?” I thought I heard Carly moan. This couldn’t be happening, was this real? Suddenly I heard my name “Mark!” I looked up at Marty who was looking at me. “Come here and see what a bad girl she is.”

I didn’t move, I didn’t know what to do, This was like a dream. I looked at Marty again and he nodded in approval, so without thinking, I stood up and walked over to where Carly was still bent over the countertop. Marty took his hand out from between her legs, “See for yourself how bad she is.”

I slowly put my hand out and touched Carly’s pussy. Oh my God! She was so wet, so sexy, so tempting! Marty asked her, “What happens when little girls get wet during a punishment?”

Carly responded in gasps, “They get spanked between their legs, Daddy.” Marty grinned at me. “Uncle Mark is going to punish you now because I think you like him watching.” Marty turned to me and said, “Just like this…” He put his hand between her legs again and rubbed a few times, then smack! He spanked it and rubbed again. He stepped back giving me a nod to continue.

My cock was about to rip my pants open. I slid my hand over her wet pussy and rubbed. My fingers pushing softly over her pussy lips and clit, then I let my hand fall away and swipe up quickly slapping against her puffy cunny. Then I rubbed at her again, this time, a little longer, and slapped up harder. Carly was moaning. My hand was dripping wet and stinging from spanking her swollen groin. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing, that I wasn’t nervous anymore.

Marty whispered in my ear, “She’s yours, take her now.” Without questioning him I slid my finger into her tight wet pussy, Carly let out a low soft moan. “Uhhhh, please… Don’t… Stop.” Marty was standing next to her and slid his hand under mine to play with her clit. I pulled my finger out slowly, moving it in small circles as I slide it back into her tiny hole.

Pushing in and pulling out with a slow rhythm, her hot teen snatch making wet squishy sounds, her Daddy stroking at her clit, and her soft moans filled the air. I couldn’t wait any longer, with my other hand, I undid my pants and let them drop to the floor. My cock sprung free. Slowly, and with much effort, I eased my hardness into her tight glistening young slit.

Marty kept teasing her clit, “Tell Daddy what a bad girl you are.” Carly moaned and pressed her pussy back onto his hand and sliding back against me.

“I’m a very bad girl, Daddy!” With that, I shoved my cock deeper into her hot little pussy until my balls sack came in contact with Marty’s fingers still rubbing her clit. She gasped and pushed back towards me. I started fucking her faster and harder.

“Daddy… I’m ready… To be a good girl!” She panted. I didn’t know what that meant so I looked at Marty.

He said to me, “Ready?” I nodded. “Okay, baby be a good girl for Uncle Mark.” As soon as he gave her permission, I felt her pussy contracting on my cock. She was cumming! The feeling of her orgasm made me explode in seconds. I collapsed on top of her to catch my breath. As I bask in our post coital glow I heard Marty say, “That’s Daddy’s good girl.”

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